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A little help please....

for our english speaking user.

A little help please....

Beitragvon Jhuffi » Sa Dez 15, 2007 14:09

:he() Any chance someone out there could help me translate this??

to mari pres ar moi,es exqiz moi acoz mone kas to leker,mo capav
reprend to mo banne mot dans n'inporte ki prix acoz toi.
exqiz moi mo pour tous sa ki arrive.

Getting this translated would mean a lot to me. I'm not even sure what language its in but it concerns someone dear to me.

Thanks in advance... :he()

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Registriert: Sa Dez 15, 2007 14:04

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Beitragvon Gerard » Sa Dez 15, 2007 15:28

Hi Jhuffi,
I will try to translate the text for you, please note that you cannot translate literally anything written in creole!

Here it goes: " You are very close to me, sorry to have broken your heart, I can take back all what I have said at any cost for your sake, sorry for all what has happened"

Hope this can help,
Gerard :cool:
Keep smiling and the world will smile back :)
Twitter id: Morisien06
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servi souvent moris forum
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Beitragvon Jhuffi » Sa Dez 15, 2007 16:40

Thx a lot. That was a huge help! i:()
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Registriert: Sa Dez 15, 2007 14:04

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