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Internship in medicine

for our english speaking user.

Internship in medicine

Beitragvon riverrunn » So Jul 28, 2013 0:32


I'm a Swedish medical intern - i e I have my university degree but not yet my medical certificate. I wish to go to Mauritius, preferably the area around Flic-en-Flac, for a 2-week internship at one of the hospitals in the area (Victoria hospital or a smaller hospital in the proximity). Does anyone know who I could possibly contact to arrange for the placement? I'm thinking a doctor employed at one of the hospitals.
Very grateful for any suggestions!

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Re: Internship in medicine

Beitragvon jhanvi » Di Aug 13, 2013 13:13

Hey fellow. Congratulation or your degree. What I would suggest you that mostly the hospital websites provide option for the contact. So you should contact with them and and ask for for the related information. Also Google about the rules for employment in Mauritius. Hope this would be helpful.
encor Basic
encor Basic
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Re: Internship in medicine

Beitragvon Maryarias » Fr Aug 22, 2014 8:58

Hey first of all congratulations that finally you have got your degree. I would say now its a turn for you to gain the practical knowledge and you need some more experience.
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Re: Internship in medicine

Beitragvon wickus » Mi Sep 03, 2014 12:46


Check below link of the government, there is a Google form where you can submit an application: ... ramme-(STM).aspx

Big hospital can be found in bigger cities like Quatre Bornes or Port Louis (like you mentioned for example Victoria). In the closer proximity of FnF you might find some local dispensaries but I don't know if it is possible to work there as an intern.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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