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ideas/businesses in mauritius

for our english speaking user.

ideas/businesses in mauritius

Beitragvon mohammedzahir » Mo Okt 26, 2009 12:13

hello guys ,I am mohammed from England,hoping to move to mauritius permanently in about 10 years ,want to start up some small business ,any ideas or opportunities ????

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Registriert: Mo Okt 26, 2009 11:55
Wohnort: england

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Moving to Mauritius

Beitragvon MmeTortue » Mo Okt 26, 2009 15:06

Hello Mohammed,

Taking into account the way and the speed things change here at the moment I would suggest you ask again in five years time...

However I'm sure that ud, who is the admin of the English forum might already have some suggestions for you. Just be a bit patient.

Best wishes,

Mme. Tortue
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon blueworld » Di Okt 27, 2009 0:42

Hello Mohammed,

I think it would be good if you explain your skills or experiences...

At this state of the art I'd suggest, as a lot of italians open restaurats and pizzeria, to try with a Tea Centre and organize Tea parties :mrgreen:

...but if there's some magic business I'll keep my ears open :wink)
encor Basic
encor Basic
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Registriert: Sa Mär 21, 2009 3:48
Wohnort: italy

Beitragvon ud » Di Okt 27, 2009 1:18

Hello Mohammed,

Mme Tortue is right as usual (not so sure about being the English forum admin though :Q )

10 years is a hell of a lot of time to be talking about investment opportunities. I mean even 5 years would still not give me the comfort of investing into something even if I was a businessman with flair. Also, the investment value will obviously change in those 10 years.

Well I'm only a recent graduate, but I've noticed while keeping in touch with what's happening in my country that emerging sectors change more or less every 3 years or so. Something like a wonderful idea might work only for a while. Since we're only talking about small businesses, any change in the country's annual budget which does not go in your favour will be like a huge blow.

I think your best choice would be to work along this timeframe before you start doing some digging on what you intend to go for. Who knows? By then you could have gone somewhere else! You might have changed career or even might have earned success where you are at the moment.

According to our government website, these are the various business opportunities and the emerging sectors which are currently "flourishing" at the moment bearing in mind that they haven't updated it from last year.


Good Luck

Hopefully in 10 years time, things will be ideal for you to invest.


moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Registriert: Di Nov 07, 2006 14:26
Wohnort: England

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