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Horse Riding

for our english speaking user.

Horse Riding

Beitragvon sandman » Di Sep 27, 2005 16:19

I will be in mauritius in three days staying at la Mauricia and would like to do some horse riding. Does anyone have any idea if there is a stable close by to la mauricia or any phone numbers of such a place



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Beitragvon anne » Di Sep 27, 2005 21:44


there is a place for horse riding in Mont Choisi,
in the near of the beach.
ask in your hotel , they know the place,
you can go by bus there.
take the bus to Port Louis - press the buttom to stop the bus,
when you see the beach on your right,
next bus stop step out.
it takes arround 10 min

kind regards anne
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moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon Werner » Di Sep 27, 2005 22:39

Sometimes there is a oppurtunity for horse riding at the Champs-du-mars...isn´t it...??? i:() :mrgreen: i:() :Q

You can participate and fulfill your dreams and a lot of people is watching you when doing this... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

( Don´t worry...a little kiddin :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ´)

But very interesting anyway... :PPP)
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moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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