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Horse back riding in Mauritius

for our english speaking user.

Horse back riding in Mauritius

Beitragvon Star » Mo Jun 07, 2004 21:52

It's me again! As you maybe know by my previous message I'm going to Mauritius for a vacation and our hotel will be La Pirogue. I hear that the hotel has stables nearby, so I was wondering if anyone has been there horse back riding?

Do they give you all the equipment that you need or do I have to bring something myself? Do they require certain kinds of pants or shoes before you can ride?

Star :)

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Registriert: Mo Jun 07, 2004 0:11

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Beitragvon stefan » Di Jun 08, 2004 14:00

Hi Star, i believe you don't need to bring any riding equipment , as the stable shut give it to you..
for pants and shoes, there is no rule, appropriate riding closes are recommended. :wink)
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