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Honeymoon to Mauritius in August 2011

for our english speaking user.

Honeymoon to Mauritius in August 2011

Beitragvon honeymooners » Sa Okt 23, 2010 17:55


I was wondering if someone could help me, we are looking to come to Mauritius for our honeymoon 22nd August for 10/11nights. we have mixed reports about whether we should go due to the weather. all we want is to have beautiful beaches and sun.

We are also being told the North is the best place to go this time of year... any thoughts would be greatly appreciated?


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Re: Honeymoon to Mauritius in August 2011

Beitragvon sExpedition » Fr Jan 07, 2011 15:53

The eastern and southern coastal parts of Mauritius is definitely the windiest spots in August. If I was to go to Mauritius for a honeymoon, I would prefer to stay on the western side of Mauritius since that's where the the sunniest weather occurs. Also, the western side is sheltered from the south easterly winds as well as most of the showery weather. Most people prefer to stay away from the wind in August.

As for your concern about reports saying it's cold and windy there. As I've just mentioned, it's true it will be windy in August on the south eastern parts but it won't be on the western side. I wouldn't be concerned by the temperature. You certainly think you're in the tropics since overnight temperatures drop down to only about 16-17°C before reaching 23-26°C during the day over most coastal parts of Mauritius.

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Re: Honeymoon to Mauritius in August 2011

Beitragvon seashore » Sa Feb 05, 2011 4:02

I agree that as long as you stay on the north or west sides you will probably enjoy calm, sunny weather. That's where I typically go late summer/early fall. Congratulations on your wedding! I hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!
encor Basic
encor Basic
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