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Honeymoon Help!

for our english speaking user.

Honeymoon Help!

Beitragvon LyndaStyles » Di Jan 20, 2004 13:54

Hi, We're planning on coming to Mauritius in September for our Honeymoon as it looks and sounds like a really great place.

There's a couple of things which we'd really like to know, if anyone can help us!

Where's the best location to stay on the island. We're age 34/36 and obviously want a romantic holiday, whilst still wanting to mooch around the island and see what it has to offer. Le Prince Maurice keeps popping up as does the Oberoi/Dinarobin/Paradise Cove - all of which I imagine are top class hotels. However, what are the locations like of these hotels, and is there a particular popular side of the island.... is it easy to get around the island day and night? Where are the best restuarants to eat out? Whats the verdict on hiring scooters? Do some area's get really busy while other are still in reach, but just that bit quieter?!!!!! aggghhhhhhhhhhhhh :he()

We're going mad here trying to read between the lines in travel brochures, so any first hand opinions would really help! :ploppop

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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon joana » Di Jan 20, 2004 15:25

Hi there,

with the picked hotels you chose really the upper ones :-)

Le Prince Maurice is situated on the east coast and therefor likely more windy.
Paradis and Dinarobin (side by side) are in a very remote area. Beautiful, but hard to leave in the evening.

Paradis Cove is in the north and therefore closer to life, good restaurants and all other stuff.

If you take a scooter I would not really recommand to drive by night, otherwise driving is a little more exciting than in Central-Europe.

Best regards,

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