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Half of Mauritian land under agriculture

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Half of Mauritian land under agriculture

Beitragvon Klaus » Fr Okt 03, 2003 17:57

90 000 hectares of the land in Mauritius is under crop cultivation and another third of the island is still covered with forest and grassland.
In 'Mauritian figures 2000', the Central Statistical Office gives an overview of land utilization in Mauritius. Thus on the total 186 475 hectares of the island, almost half of the land is allocated for crop cultivation. The major crop in Mauritius, being sugar-cane, some 77 800 hectares were under cane cultivation in 1999. Other major crops are tea and tobacco with 670 and 446 hectares respectively.

However only one fifth of agricultural land is irrigated. In 2000, only
19 506 hectares of the total 90 000 hectares of agricultural land was reported to be irrigated. The major mode of irrigation in the sugar industry remains overhead irrigation.

Built-up areas cover 13,4% of the whole island surface. Some 25 000 hectares are occupied by buildings and houses in the island.
There remained only 2 387 hectares of natural forest in 2000. However, forest, including planted ones as well as grassland, savannahs and scrubs occupy almost one third of the land, that is, 65 400 of the total 186 475 hectares.


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