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Got an expat job offer in Mauritius - pls need advice/info

for our english speaking user.

Got an expat job offer in Mauritius - pls need advice/info

Beitragvon galaxie » Mo Apr 02, 2007 20:48

Hello there
I'm living in Europe & have received a job offer for an expat position in Mauritius.
Could anyone who lives on the island give me some (a lot actually..!) info regarding living costs/if there is a large & active expat community/travel costs in the region etc etc
I've been offered US$2500 net/month - incl. a housing allowance that would be enough for a good 1 bedroom appt apparrently, so wouldn't have to pay for my accomodation. Weekdays I would also have all meals included for free from my work, so that would save some money too.
Would this salary allow me to live comfortably?? (I'm single & thus have only to pay for my own expenses..). Could I even save money each month with this salary or is it just enough?
How much does it cost to travel in the region? For example a return air ticket to Madagscar in US$? and to South Africa, Seychelles? Just to have an idea as I'd like to travel in th region while I live there.
How is everyday life in Mauritius? What goes on on weekends? are there much happening?
How much does it cost to get 24hr internet connection at home? and if I have a fixed land line, are there any special deals which enables you to call Europe for a cheaper rate? (calling cards, special telephone deals?), are there any cinemas in Mauritius with recent films showing?
would you suggest to buy a second hand car while I live there to use for weekends etc? or would the public transport be sufficient to get around? what would a second hand car in a good condition cost in USdollars?
Gosh, I know I've asked a million questions... it's just that there are so many things in my head right now & lots of things to consider before deciding to move to a new and far away country, changing job & be 14 hours away from my friends & family!
MANY MANY thanks in advance for helping me out & replying!
//Miss galaxie in Southern Europe

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Registriert: Mo Apr 02, 2007 20:28

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Ken » Mo Apr 02, 2007 22:25

With US$2500 you would be able to live comfortably and save money even if you had to pay for housing and food, and since those 2 are included you'll be able to save alot of money. You could live like god in france ;)

Everything, except alcoholic drinks en the nightlife, is cheap in Mauritius.
I'm to tired to go into detail right now, I'm sure someone else will help you out very soon ;)
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Registriert: Mo Feb 12, 2007 5:15

Beitragvon ud » Mo Apr 02, 2007 22:54

Hi Miss galaxie,

I am really glad for you that you've got that job. Why are you afraid to tell exactly where you are from? I'm sure there might be people from where you come from actually in Mauritius or have been there for their holidays.

Please take time to read all the topics in the forums as most questions you've asked have been already answered.

For a single person $2500 US Dollars/month which equates to approximately to 75000MUR per month is really considered as top salary in Mauritius.

Just to give you a clue, my friend is single and earns around 25000MUR per year. He has his own apartment with maid service, car and manage to save a couple of thousands MUR every month. Too bad he spends everything in night life treating girls (I envy him though :p)

You will definitely be able to afford a nice apartment, buy a car (after some time) and save. Well it depends on your type of lifestyle!

You need to adapt first. Its easy at first and then after sometime you can feel lonely being far from families and friends...well not that you're not going to make new ones.

You should try and visit and try their online booking system to have an estimate of how much it might cost you to go to Mahe, Seychelles or Antanarivo, Madagascar.

I ain't in Mauritius so I am not in a position to tell you how life really is nowadays.

Electricity, Water and Gas (to cook not to warm the house :p), ADSL 24/7 should cost you around MUR3000 per month. There are prepaid international cards that you can buy that offer reduced rates for calling Europe. The telecom company also uses that hapy hours policy where you get cheaper rates at specific times of the day. You should get the picture.

A couple of cinemas in Towns and the Capital showing more or less the latest movies but in French! When I say latest movies I meant movies that came out in Europe + 1 month delay atleast!

See my other post concerning cars where I answered to that Indian person about cars. Well I told him its not really worth it to buy a new car as you are not going to use it a lot for travelling coz he would be living like 15 mins from his workplace!

Most common and affordable 2nd hand cars in Mauritius nowadays are the Nissan Micra (aka March), Toyota Yaris (aka Vitz) , Honda Jazz e.t.c. and they retail at 250000-350000MUR (year 2003-2004). Do the Maths!

Feel free to fire any more questions, I will try my best to answer them....I wonder where are the others....they must be under the filao tree enjoying Easter holidays!

take care


p.s pm me if you prefer!
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Wohnort: England

goood deal

Beitragvon pingodilo » Mo Apr 16, 2007 20:56

Hi I`m a mauritian and I can tell you that that`s a great deal you got!

Most people here earn more like 250$ a month!! With that salary you can travel over to Rodrigues, Reunion and Madagascar no problem, Buy a second hand car for about 150`000 Rs (usd 32/1 rupee)

There`s alot to do on the island if you like nature. The interieure of the island has some wonderful mountains to climb and the coast has alot of watersports to offer.

There are alot of expats but there are even more mauritians whom you can meet up with.

The trick is to not compare with the way it is back home as it is`nt realy comparable many things are different although it`s not exactly Africa as modernisme has jumped up and you can call home on skype adsl costs around Rs 1`000 a month (512) and DVD`s cost Rs 75!

Hope that helps
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Registriert: Mo Apr 16, 2007 17:32

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