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Flight UK to Mauritius May - Marrying Mauritian Lady

for our english speaking user.

Flight UK to Mauritius May - Marrying Mauritian Lady

Beitragvon Gavmica » Di Jan 26, 2010 22:05

Hi, I am intending to fly to Mauritius on 12 May with my Dad (who will be returning to the UK on 24 May). I intend to stay as I am looking forward very much to moving to Mauritius to marry a lovely woman who I have known now for several years. Last time I was on the island I went to Port Louis with her to see what documents I need for marriage to a Mauritian woman. I am happy with that - proof of no criminal record, bank statements, doctor's medical in Mauritius and an affidavit in Mauritius, passport copy etc. My query is that when I book my flight what do I book? - obviously a return for my dad 12 - 24 May but what for me? 12 May departure but I need a flexible return I guess (I have no intention of returning but I guess I need a ticket to show the authorities). I am confused. I would look to take my documents to Port Louis within the first few days of my trip. Once the documents are passed I think we get up to 3 months to get married civilly followed by the big religious wedding. I am trying to keep my costs down with the flight as much as possible. Can anyone give me some advice please. I will be renting a furnished house for a few months until we are officially religiously married and obviously just want to make sure I can stay in the country OK. [help]

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Re: Flight UK to Mauritius May - Marrying Mauritian Lady

Beitragvon Woo » Di Feb 09, 2010 14:43

As you say, you need to present a return ticket upon entry to Mauritius so I would suggest you book a "fixed" return (cheapest fare) for 3 months hence(maximum tourist visa validity) i.e. 12 August. If you haven't managed to sort everything out by then, you're probably going to have to leave and return again anyway. If you book a return flight that exceeds the tourist visa limit, I imagine the immigration authorities will have a problem with that and may refuse you entry so you can't rely on the fact that you "may" be able to extend your visa.

The only other way is to book a fixed outward journey with a flexible return...which will obviously be considerably more expensive.

It's a no-brainer really.
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encor Basic
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Re: Flight UK to Mauritius May - Marrying Mauritian Lady

Beitragvon Cely » Sa Mär 20, 2010 10:12

Hi Gavmica,

would be best if you find someone who can arrange your overall accomodation in that way you have less to worry. There are lot sites that offer great Mauritius deal.

Booking your trip or planning your trip in advance would definitely help you to lower your cost.
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