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Fishing trips - Moint Choisy/Troux au Biche area

for our english speaking user.

Fishing trips - Moint Choisy/Troux au Biche area

Beitragvon JulianT » Mo Okt 09, 2006 13:47


I am returning for my 2nd visit to the beautiful island at the end of October and want to try my hand at sea fishing. From memory I remember visiting Grand Baie and seeing several companies offering trips but wondered what the best way to do it is?

It would only be for 2 adults and a half day so does anyone have any idea as to costs involved? Also are you able to take your catch(if i catch anything :mrgreen: ) home to eat?

Any advice is greatfully received :ploppop

Beiträge: 3
Registriert: Mo Okt 09, 2006 13:41

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