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for our english speaking user.


Beitragvon bleatarn » Mo Mär 16, 2009 21:04

Hi, Can anyone advise on why everything in Mauritius, especially in touristic places that price are shown only in Euros. It is in my belief that this is illegal. Also why when you go out for dinner for example, the price shown on the menu is without VAT. Which means that when you receive
your bill the VAT is added on top. As far as I know all prices should be fixed. Also i think Mauritius still use Rupees. I hope it's not a way of conning tourist.

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Registriert: Mo Mär 16, 2009 20:48

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Beitragvon Brofasond » Di Mär 17, 2009 2:23

Hi bleatarn,

as far as I have learned the prizes are not only named in Euros but usually in Rupees. To make it more comfortable for tourists (and lots of them in Mauritius are from Europe) it is a kind of hospitality to work out the figures in Euros. Many touristic places around the world make use of this kind of "service".

Due to VAT, you have the same system e.g. in Great Britain and U.S.A. Often prizes are namend without VAT and it is mentioned that they are without. As VAT is a fixed rate, the total amount of a certain item you are interested in is fixed as well. You only need to add the official percentage to the official prize. In the end there is no "surprise" about the rate.

aide boucou
aide boucou
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Beitragvon MmeTortue » Di Mär 17, 2009 9:48

Hello bleatarn,

You should specify where you spotted pricing in Euro only. As for the restaurants and places I frequent quite often they only show prices in Mauritian Rupee.


Mme. Tortue
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon thermo » Di Mär 17, 2009 18:27

Yeah, it's a new 'service' being offered by some restaurants/hotels which are frequented by lots of tourists.
After being stung a couple of times, you learn to scan the menu for these things.
And a hint, never order a drink until you have seen the menu. Villas Caroline deliberately didn't give us the drinks menu and shafted me real good when I ordered 'a beer' which turned out to cost over 4 euros a pop.
moris explorater
moris explorater
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