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Emirates Airline

for our english speaking user.

Emirates Airline

Beitragvon stone_rose » Do Aug 24, 2006 19:16

After getting some helpful advice from you fellow users I'm ditching Air France in favour of another airline to get my missus and I to Mauritius.
Emirates Airline seems to be on top of our list. We are travelling from London connecting at Dubaii & then onto Mauritius. It will be our first time using an airline other then Air Mauritius & BA.
My wife is very anxious to get some shopping done whilst in Dubai. Has anyone used Emirates? I would like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks :ploppop

moris explorater
moris explorater
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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Pitsch » So Aug 27, 2006 14:12

We went last year with Emirates to Sri Lanka. It was very comfortable. At the airport in Dubai you can buy very nice gold chains and bracelets per weight. You pay only the official gold price per weight and nothing for the work. So dont give the credit card to your wife :Q

Best regards
encor Basic
encor Basic
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Beitragvon gillypink » Fr Sep 15, 2006 16:49

Hi there, dont know when you plan to visit but we are takin our first trip to M via Dubai next week with Emirates. Currently tryin to check what hand luggage restrictions there are at the min...will report back on emirates efforts on our return. We have a 4 day stopover in dubai and have opted to stay in the town (with swimpool tho!) as we have been told the beach area is too noisy currently because of all the building going on. But the beach part is why we added Mauritius, so hey! I want to buy a small digi camera and some pricey earphones as well as checking out jewelry, cosmetics etc so I should have a comprehensive shoppin blog from our Dubai travels. Hoping for large discounted prices. Also we are visiting during Ramadam, but hoping that will make little difference to us as long as we are respectful,(non-drinkers and wont slug bottled water whilst walking about, will try to dress conservatively...etc etc). Can't wait to see Mauritius for the first time! 8 days to go...!
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Emirates and Hand Luggage

Beitragvon Albion Plage » Fr Sep 15, 2006 22:18

I work in the travel industry and am a great fan of Mauritius, having holidayed there many times in the 15 years I have been married to a Mauritian.

I've been all over Mauritius and you will love it, no-one I know has ever come back and says "It was OK", they're always enthusiastic. I can't wait to go too! Maybe next summer.

I have travelled with Air France, BA, Air Mauritius and want to try Emirates next. I know they are a good airline becasue I work closely with them, during the recent security crisis they didn't cancel any flights and managed the problem really well. Air France was awful, I went once 10 years ago and never again, we went via Paris, Seychelles and Reunion, about 15-18 hours of "British Rail" service. BA and Air Mauritius are good.

The rules on hand luggage are rumoured to change next week, so if you are travelling watch the Dept for Transport website for updates, airports and airlines will stick strictly to it. is also a good place to check. Currently no liquids, cosmetics, lighters etc are allowed but you can take a small bag, and I mean small!

Check out my website for a few additional ideas
Administrator, I will add a link from my site to yours as I think you have some good information here. Good luck to you!
Albion Plage
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Beitragvon gillypink » Di Nov 07, 2006 22:54

Quick update - Emirates were excellent in every respect except one - the vegetarian food on all four flights was Dreadful! - note the capital D - salty, extremely spicy or mushy and one was totaly taste-free! I shared the veggie part of my husbands standard meal. Gatwick to dubai and vice versa, was a newer plane with lots more entertainment options. Dubai to mauritius and back was a very much older, shabbier plane with fewer options for films etc and you couldnt have them On-Demand but had to watch them without pause once they had started. hmmmmmm, not so good. Without exception, the staff were SO nice, toilets were kept clean, drinks prompt, rubbish collected etc lots of flight info via entertainment channels. Fantastic choice of films - I have never seen such a selection.

Emirates never checked or questioned the size of our hand luggage, we know that was over size and weight :-? Apparently they have a HUGE baggage allowance for checked in suitcases, 30kg each we think the website says 25kg. Another passenger was told it was 30kg, so we got away with excess baggage costs maybe...plane WAS only one third full on every flight tho - (Ramadan again???)

Dubai was great. We were respectful, kept covered and did not eat drink etc in daylight outside.(We did go into the loos in the Mall for a drink but RIGHT inside, locked in so as not to offend Anyone coming in). I have heard of people being shouted at for not being covered or for drinking in public.

The malls were deserted, so were a joy to roam around, (Ramadan) however NO restaurants were open until the evening, so you MUST take beverages if you cannot stand the heat or have a medical condition (I have diabetes) that requires you to stay hydrated. :he()

Bought a gold ring that we are pleased with from Chittipalilly in the Gold market (downstairs, central building). Got approx £100 off my olympus camera and a free 512 card for it (should have been £330 in total).

Cosmetics were NOT any cheaper anywhere I found. Please someone tell me where to go for cheaper cosmetics...

Clothese were excellent prices, £3 mens polo top. £5 for a fantastic handbag. So pleased with the shopping in the malls, let alone the markets.

Towers Rotana were faultless. Lovely Superior room on 19th floor, views right across the top of low 5 and 6 story buildings to the sea. about £3.50 taxi to the souks. Nowhere really to walk near the hotel tho. Their pool is lovely and clean, views across to the sea and quite exciting views of all the skyscrapers behind you, big novelty value! :-) We will definatley stay here again. i:()

The gym is well equiped, very helpful lad there the day we were in it. Glass walls, so amazing views, air conditioned of course. NO water cos of ramadan so off to the loos again..... :roll:

The only pain was that the concierge put us in the WRONG CAB to the airport on our last day : so although our transfers were free with Kuoni, we were asked for money - which we didnt have - at the airport for the fare. Awful embarrassing situation, which was resolved because we had such a nice concerned taxi driver who phoned the hotel...took 20 minutes to sort it out though. :Q

Mauritius was totally beautiful. picture postcard pretty. lovely people without exception. Merville Beach has a new spa which is World class. Quite good food, good selections - very little for vegetarians tho, they keep puttin ham in the pasta salad, grrr!. Great cocktail list and I am NOT a big drinker (am now!). paid for a garden room superior = got pretty much a beach front room without asking, covered in petals for our first night.

Arranged a helicopter ride via reception which went from Legends hotel, Shared cost, so £70 times 4 people cos we made some friends who came with us.

Fantastic time. Nearly as good as safari in Kenya!!
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Beitragvon ud » Mi Nov 08, 2006 15:39

I'm really happy u enjoyed ure stay in MU

Keep sharing the fantastic times with ure friends and relatives so that

they too come to visit one day!!!

Now that u've got a general insight of the culture and way of life e.t.c it

might be more interesting if u just rented a bungalow and saved a lot so

that u can extend ure stay (if ure planning to visit MU again of course)
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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