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for our english speaking user.


Beitragvon willandhannah » Fr Jun 27, 2008 17:46

Hi everyone

My partner and I are planning on getting married in Mauritious in July 2009, and we are loking forward to that as well as the whole experience.

We have heard that is is possible to observe wild dolphins off the coast, and maybe even swim with them.

Does anyone have any further details of this and any other essential experiences we should consider on our trip?

Many thanks,


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Registriert: Fr Jun 27, 2008 17:28

Info Mauritius Annonce

HI !!

Beitragvon Leroy » Sa Jun 28, 2008 9:12

Yeah, it´s possible to go by boat to check those beautiful animals,
I think( ud can tell maybe more surely) Tamarin/ Black river
is place , where those boats are....I think flic-en-Flac too....

Few days ago i was fishing, and
big hurd of dolphins( I tried to count them, my opinion,more than 10)
was playing about 100 m from Albion
lighthouse, they moved from north to south....Sea was great, so i got very
nice view to watch them.... :shock:

With best wishes ,


And of course, have a great holidays
content sa forum la
content sa forum la
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