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[B]Diego Garcia islanders[/B]

for our english speaking user.

[B]Diego Garcia islanders[/B]

Beitragvon kevinisaac1955 » Do Jan 25, 2007 20:42

Good day to you - I live in the UK.

Have you been following the story of the Diego Garcia islanders plight/story?

The last I heard was that despite our Prime Minister Tony Blair hoodwinking our Queen in in to signing an ancient mandate which over-rules the highest court in the land forbidding the Islanders returning to Diego Garcia, it now seems that this ruling has been overturned by the highest judges in our land and they were allowed to return to their beloved lovely island. (For this reason I will never like our Queen again).

No doubt that island has been destroyed by the Americans but nevertheless it belongs to the british (once again through dubious means). The disgust of many people in England over the barbaric way they were turfed out many years ago by our Wilson government will not be forgotten.

Can anybody update me on what is happening in Mauritius and Diego Garcia to these people?

I would be grateful if you could shed some information on this and hopefully our media stations, such as channel 4 might air it as they did before. It would be great to see you guys on our TV. Apparently the Mauritians owned it many years ago and the islanders were there for many generations.

Best regards, Kevin - presently located in Fraserburgh north Scotland (previously Surrey England)

I will do my best to follow up other leads.[B]

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Diego Garcia

Beitragvon Gerard » So Jan 28, 2007 3:44

It is encouraging to see that british citizens care about the plight of the poor islanders who are still living in exile far away from their beloved islands. As far as I know the struggle still goes on as they still have not won the right to settle back in their homelands. They won a moral victory in the courts but the British government with all their might have appealed against that judgement which means that the heartbreak and suffering for the islanders will continue until this matter is settled. These people are human beings, with the same emotions, hopes, dreams and aspirations as anybody else in the world. Mr Blair and the Queen would not like to live in exile far away from the british isles. They would be subjected to the same anguish, stress and heart break which is experienced on a daily basis by these islanders who pine for a successful return to their beloved homelands. I do hope that decency will prevail and that the islanders would get back what after all rightfully belongs to them.
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servi souvent moris forum
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Diego Garcia Islanders

Beitragvon kevinisaac1955 » So Jan 28, 2007 23:44

Hi Gerard,
Thank you for getting back to me. I have forwarded your reply to my local MP in Westminster and the TV stations, plus a solicitor who handles these types of cases. Also to some other people who will hopefully get back to me. Some of these people are anti-war and are quite strong-willed when it comes to these things.
If you meet any of the islanders, please give them my regards. Let me know how they are faring and any other things that might bring things to bear.
I personally do not have the facilities to help, I can only raise a stink (I hope this phrase is familiar to you).
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Registriert: Do Jan 25, 2007 20:32

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