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Bel ombre, cyclones etc

for our english speaking user.

Bel ombre, cyclones etc

Beitragvon cher » Do Jan 14, 2010 2:23

Bel ombre, cyclones etc
Sent: Thu Jan 14, 2010 1:49
From: cher

Hi everyone,

Not sure if I am doing this correctly so apologies if not (first forum I have joined). I am looking to book a holiday to celebrate our silver wedding in Mauritius and Dubai, leaving the Uk on approx 23rd jan 2010, for a 7 night stay in Mauritius followed by 3 nights in Dubai. I was ready to book ( found a hotel - Tamassa near Bel Ombre) and the snow came to the UK cutting us off from civilisation. As a result the holiday is ready to be booked (if the snow thaws here) however people have now told me this is the worst possible time to come to Mauritius because it will be unbearably humid and its cyclone time. I have found conflicting advice everywhere and thought it better to ask Mauritius itself. Can you or anyone else give me any advice please? I don't want this holiday ruined by a cyclone etc, but wouldn't know where to look for correct information. If it will be the wrong time to come now we will have to look elsewhere and come to Mauritius in the future.

Hoping you can assist.

best wishes

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Registriert: Do Jan 14, 2010 0:37

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