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Cost of alcohol and food?

for our english speaking user.

Cost of alcohol and food?

Beitragvon admaths » Mo Nov 21, 2005 19:12

hey cant wait to come to maurituis...just dont have alot of many :::( and want know how much food costs,obviously the cheapest!and the cheapest beer? are the niteclubs in grand baie expensive?ive heard so much about Banana Cafe...what is that like?

adam :ploppop

ja boet
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Beitragvon stefan » Fr Jan 13, 2006 19:34

beer is arround 14rs in a shop and 100rs in a hotel.
food starts from 5rs on the road to xxx in restos.
dance places are umknown to me, as i'm to old to move my chicks on the dancefloor.
but i think it would be 250rs entree fee.
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moris forum membre a'élite
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