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Considering moving into the island..... important info reqd

for our english speaking user.

Considering moving into the island..... important info reqd

Beitragvon balaji1 » Mo Apr 21, 2008 22:24


I have got a job offer in Muritius & I am considering to move into the island.

I would like to know about the hospital facilities in mauritius, especially about Maternity hospitals. Answers to my below questions and any additional information on this regard would be of much help to me.

1. Does Mauritius have a good Maternity hospital(s)
2. Would the hospital be equipped with adequate modern facilities (like ultrasound, scanning, 4d scan etc)
3. Do we have good Gynecologists in Mauritius.
4. I have read private hospitals / clinics provide a better service. How costly are they ?

Thanks in advance.


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Registriert: Mo Apr 21, 2008 21:34
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Beitragvon ud » Di Apr 22, 2008 0:56

Hello balaji1,

I'm no doctor but can briefly reply to the questions:

1/ There are officially 12 governmental hospitals (both generalised and specialised) but I'm sure that only 5 of them deal with maternity, namely:

a)Dr A.G. Jeetoo Hospital in Port Louis

b)J. Nehru Hospital Rose Belle

c)Victoria Hospital Candos

among others....they are free!

So your answer to question 1: Of course!!!!

2/ Yes indeed!!!

3/ Obviously!!!

4/ There are 26 private clinics as well and most of them have a private gynaecologist. Some might be costly!

Here is a link for the price from clinique darne:

I would have thought you would have already known about that before moving? Those were funny questions!

This aside, I hope this helps

Best regards

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moris forum membre a'élite
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