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Combining Mauritius and Reunion with separate tickets

for our english speaking user.

Combining Mauritius and Reunion with separate tickets

Beitragvon tanien » Di Aug 27, 2013 20:16


I am planning to visit Mauritius and Reunion on two separate tickets, as this is by far the cheapest way to reach these destinations from Amsterdam.
As I found no similar itinerary on the internet I am somewhat concerned if there might be any cons doing so; I'm hoping you guys can assist me [twiddle]

Would it be a problem entering Mauritius twice in a two-week period (once from Amsterdam and once from Reunion -We are Dutch citizens and do not need to apply for visa)?

As we will book two seperate flights with non-partnership airlines I am aware of the fact our bags will not be checked thru, but as we will not officially be in transit, does this also mean that on arrival on MRU we need to go through customs as "arriving passengers" first, get our bags from baggage-claim and then need to go through the check-in procedure for our onward flight to Reunion?
And will 4hrs be enough to make it?

Normally customs would wanna see a booking-confirmation for a hotel, but as we plan to have a connecting flight to Reunion we can only show our onward ticket, could that be a problem?

Also, does anyone perhaps have any experience with the hand-baggage procedure of Air Austral and/or Air Mauritius?
We are both photographers and usually carry about 10-12kgs of equipment in our hand-baggage. Hand-baggage allowance for regional flights (as I suppose MRU-RUN will be) is only 5kgs...
By experience we know a lot airlines don't weigh the baggage, but I want to be sure ;-)!

Sorry for all the questions [pardon] I have emailed the embassy a while ago but haven't heard anything, and I would really really like to book my flight!

Many many thanks for any replies!

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Registriert: Sa Aug 10, 2013 0:50

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