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Cloudy questions

for our english speaking user.

Cloudy questions

Beitragvon jess » Fr Jul 22, 2005 11:41

When you look at the webcams on this website, it often looks very cloudy on Mauritius. Is this a correct observation? And are there some months with fewer clouds than others? I am going in September, how "cloudy" is that month :he()

Appreciate your replies i:()


encor Basic
encor Basic
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Beitragvon Stony » Fr Jul 22, 2005 13:26

Hi Jess,

Well, pretty tough to count :lol: -- but a few small clouds are not unusual. In fact, when "grilling" in the sun, a cloud every now and then is not bad -- it just helps cooling off a bit :roll:

Generally you will rarely find a closed cloud cover in Mauritius - especially not on the coast (not including now Curepipe :mrgreen: ).

Have fun,
Don't Drink and Navigate! &
Skype don't type ;-)
Also - wenn Sie DAS Lesen können brauchen Sie keine Brille .......
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon madrabbit » Fr Jul 22, 2005 13:36


We have visited Mauritius 2 times already, first time on south East coast staying at Shandrani 2nd september for 13N on honeymoon, it was beautiful in the morning, but by 1.00pm after lunch it did turn cloudy and the odd spit of rain, however, we got the best sun tan on that holiday, average temp was about 76/78 you must still apply good sun cream I am really pale and naturally a red head but I didnt burn, we used factor 10 then 8 over the 2 week we had just one 1/2 day of rain. Is is cool at night in sept, I would take a cardi or shrug for over shoulders. (Not too wooly though)

We also visited 29th nov 13n staying on South west coast at Les Pavions, wasnt as good a hotel, ave temp was 86/90, but was too hot. Had odd patch of cloud late afternoon and it actually drizzled with rain on and off all day, most days which was a god send. Had 1 day of rain on and off all day.
But Dec is Maur main rain time.

This year we go 9th sept 12n staying at Le Paradis again on south West tip
cant wait to go.

Have you been to Mauritius before? Where are you staying?

if you need more info post a reply

:cool: dont worry take your shades !!!!!
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Beitragvon jess » Fr Jul 22, 2005 17:11

Hi madrabbit,

No I have not been to Mauritius before! We are also staying at Le Paradis :-) - but we leave on 9 Sept. !!!

We hope that we have a clear sky with limited clouds :ploppop

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Registriert: Di Jul 05, 2005 16:00

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