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Child vaccination

for our english speaking user.

Beitragvon Roman1 » Do Nov 13, 2008 10:44

nypy, you can't get hepatitis B from anywhere - it is a sex and blood-transmitted desease, just like AIDS and syphilis. Hepatitis A - yes, you can, but how is it worse than just any other desease children get all the time? I haven't heard of a single case of someone dying of it. Anyway, I know I'll not do any shots, just need the legal basis for it. Otherwise will have to look for a not very legal one =(

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Registriert: So Sep 28, 2008 16:01

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon ud » Do Nov 13, 2008 19:36


I'm struggling to understand what information you're looking for? At one point you're talking about trying to go around the law and the other time you're "teaching" people who want to help.... :-? Unless you clearly point out what you're really looking for, people won't be able to help you. Don't take it personally.

Well anyway, coming back to what I've understood, you are looking for more information about the vaccination requirements to reside in Mauritius. I've got all the information on these requirements. Follow the links below:

If Russia is on the list of yellow fever instances, then you need a certificate as required to meet the immigration and border requirements and confirmed by the 3 links.


moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Registriert: Di Nov 07, 2006 14:26
Wohnort: England

Beitragvon Roman1 » Fr Nov 14, 2008 10:49

Hi, ud. Never tried to teach anyone, sorry if it looked like that. I didn't ask an advise whether I should do vaccinations or not (which I mainly got here), but rather any legal documents governing this matter in MU. Based on the fact that nobody has seen them, they probably don't exist, which is exactly what i was hoping for. Russia is not a yellow fever country (too cold for that here - it is minus 2 now), so everything is great.
I really appreciate all the answers in this topic. If it were not important for me, I wouldn't have asked.
Thanks again,
encor Basic
encor Basic
Beiträge: 11
Registriert: So Sep 28, 2008 16:01

Beitragvon nypy » Mo Nov 17, 2008 4:23

well roman, in finland is around 400 B hepatitis per year and only 50% of them are from sexual contact, other 50% are somewhere else, someone coughing, dirty needle, hand shake with little wound etc
and even kissing :roll:
content partagé
content partagé
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Registriert: Mi Jan 03, 2007 20:27
Wohnort: Finland


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