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Car with returning citizen

for our english speaking user.

Car with returning citizen

Beitragvon wappor » Di Sep 17, 2013 8:28

Hi all

Sorry if this message is also elsewhere - I thought I wrote about it but couldn't find my post [nea]

So, as many and as I believe it's been many times asked about, I'm looking for information about my future position : Returning citizen! I am a Mauritian who left the island over 10 years ago for studies but decided to stay some additional years as I got a job which I liked. Now, I want to come back with my wife so we want our future kids to grow up in Mauritius. Knowing the price of cars in Mauritius, I would like to come with ours (a 8 year-old BMW X5 3.0D Sport, bought over a year ago for 8000 pounds)!

Problem is that I contacted MRA and even if

- I bought the car over 6 months ago
- I lived more than 10 years abroad
- I worked for more than 5 years in Europe (with all payslips / tax-returns to prove it... but in France though, as I worked in France, not the UK !)

... well I understand I have to pay 15% tax on the CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) + 15% VAT ! (The CIF for my car is 1.5M Rupees, so that's over 9000 pounds to pay !!!) May be I'm understanding wrongly, but I really thought that my case was exempted of taxes and vAT - Can anyone confirm please or anyone tell me more about MRA rules (couldn't find it on the website... for exemption, if true !)

Many thanks for any help, replies on this very nice website!

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Registriert: Di Sep 17, 2013 7:49

Info Mauritius Annonce

Re: Car with returning citizen

Beitragvon Titus » Di Sep 17, 2013 14:38

There's something wrong in your calculation. That's (maybe) the duty for the new car of that make. (1.4 Mio = roughly 37500 Euros, or something like 40-42.000 pounds??)

CIF = Cost Insurance Freight value of the car (including freight/transport insurance up to Port Louis).
Some countries (don't know, how Mauritius handles this) - have their "own" lists for the calculated price on second hand (used) cars. Madagascar, for example, uses the French Argus-list (a second hand car price-list) for the calculation of duty on used car imports.

I believe that Mauritius might have its own list, or uses a similar english list (if there's any??).
In your case: the best is to ask a Mauritian forwarder. It's their job.

It might happen, that your 8.500 Pound car appears at a rate of 10.000 pound in that list (or also at 6.000).... but the difference should not be too big from the actual value.
Let's say, it appears at a value of 8.500 pounds in that list, + somethink like 1500 freight (just to mention a figure) +> CIF something like 10.000 Pounds value. => on this one is calculated the 15% import tax (as you mentioned below) => 1.500 pounds. Duty paid price: 10.000+1500 => 11.500. Vat is calculated on the Duty paid price, so in that (fictional) case on 11.500 = 15%VAT => 1725. Total costs: 1.500 import tax + 1750 Vat. and the freight costs (of course).
For a more exact calculation: please ask a mauritian forwarding agent.
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Re: Car with returning citizen

Beitragvon Joe » Mi Sep 18, 2013 12:23

Hi there,

cars is a hot topic in MRU. The government makes lots of money with the custom duty on cars. My information is 2 years old and it says that for Mauritians who return home after 10 years there is no customs duty to be payed. As you surely know is the customs duty in MRU sky high especially for engines above 2000ccm. But if you should ever leave the island again, moving somewhere else than mauritian territory, while the car is still registered, you may have to pay customs duty. I don't know whether they want the entire amount or whether there calculation takes the years in MRU in account.

My personal opinion is: Buy a new car before you go to MRU (less trouble with repairs for some years) and buy a car for which you easily can get all the spare parts in MRU. If you have good connections (family, etc) in France you can try to get spare parts cheaper and faster with there help for i.e. european cars. Otherwise its better to buy a japanese car; that's the main stream in MRU.

Btw. France ? On which side is your steering wheel ? I guess the MRU authorities will not accept a car in which the sterring wheel is on the "wrong" side and frankly said, I think they are right. You can't overtake without killing yourself soon with the wrong steering wheel. Buy a car in UK, register it for at leat 2 years ( I think that was the necessary minimum time) in France and then take it to MRU.

Better get professional help. An mru attorney with experience in this field might be useful.

You can try to use email to discuss it with the mru authorities, but you likely will not get an answer ... email exists, but is not really used below a certain level.
Gruss, Joe
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Hybrid Cars

Beitragvon rajena » So Nov 01, 2015 2:10

I am aware of rates of customs duty on car imports i.e 55% on engine capacity of 1600cc or less. Does anyone know if the duty on hybrid cars is less?
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