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car rental

for our english speaking user.

car rental

Beitragvon Tucha » Di Apr 18, 2006 17:10

We are thinking about hiring a car during our holidays in Mauritius next July. Do you need any special paper to drive there, or is it ok with a normal driving-license? How much does it cost (more or less)? Is it better to arrange it in advance or just wait and get it once there? Any good place to rent it? (We'll be staying close to Grand Baie) Any experiences from people who have rent a car there? because I've read that sometimes it is quite complicated for foreigners to drive around the island... Thank you!

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Ini » Di Apr 18, 2006 19:12

Hi Tucha!

You need a Translation of your driving licence - in Austria we get that at the car club ÖAMTC (like ADAC in Germany) - you have to find out where you can get that. We´ve never been asked for an international driving licence (which is much more expensive to get).
The traffic in mauritius is very different to the traffic in Germany or Austria - therefore a lot of people are scared at first about the way of driving of mauritian people. Sometimes it seems extremely risky how they drive, but if you take into account that the driver aren´t stubborn and will slow down if you are overtaking, then you don´t have to be scared. Sure, traffic is more chaotic, and when driving in the night, always look out for dogs who sometimes sleep in the middle of the road, but don´t be afraid. I´ve been driving many times in mauritius now, and although traffic has increased since then, I still like to drive there - on the other hand, I´m used to the traffic in Vienna, which isn´t always fun too! :wink)

As to your question where to rent a car I´m no help, as we always book our car in advance at europcar. But I´m sure someone else can help you with that.

Anyway, have fun!

content sa forum la
content sa forum la
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car rental

Beitragvon anet » Do Apr 20, 2006 17:34

Hi we hired a car for eight days at La Colombe in Grand Bay email we haggled for the price which is well worth doing, booked when we got there but you could always email them to see what best rate they can do tel no. 283 9262 website:
there are lots of places in Gray Bay to hire a car. So you can check one off against the other, we had no problem driving round the island. We just used our english driving licence and they just make a note of your licence no and home address and what hotel you are staying at. We had a great time driving round island have a great time.
encor Basic
encor Basic
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hiring a car

Beitragvon girish » Mi Aug 16, 2006 18:17

hi Tucha, i got off the plane in Muaritius, showed my passport and driving license, paid a deposit at the desk, walked to a Freelander i just hired and drove off into s so easy.

Beware when hiring from less reputable dealers.

good luck
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Registriert: Mi Aug 16, 2006 18:07

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