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British JAMAICAN freaking out! Seeking sun and paradise!

for our english speaking user.

British JAMAICAN freaking out! Seeking sun and paradise!

Beitragvon Glenford » Mo Jul 25, 2005 6:06

AT last a website that may be able to help me!!!

Hi all. I am a young man who will be getting married at Beau Rivage in the 2nd week of Sept. I am really FREAKING out as we opted for Mauritius instead of the usual wedding fare in the UK. A friend got married there and said it was lovely but earlier on in the year.

I am British born but my family is from JAMAICA! So we like the SUN!

We are taking grandparents and immediate family with us. It has been stressful as it is somewhere "Different" For the Grandparents/Parents to understand. From the wedding video I have seen Mauritius looks like a BEAUTIFUL country. So myself and future wife are REALLY looking forward to it.

Can ANYONE please give me as MUCH info on what the "GENERAL" weather is like in the SEPTEMBER months... ie year in year out is it consistent? I have saved and pulled out all the stops with this wedding. I hear Beau Rivage is a quality resort, and the sun should be (sunny) enough even for us "English, Jamaicans" :cool: I have had a look at the climate page but in need of some feedback if possible.

Sorry for the long mail, just in need of some idea what to expect. :roll:

Many Thanks
Glenford "Please be Sunny" Russell.

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Registriert: Mo Jul 25, 2005 5:15

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Nikki » Mo Jul 25, 2005 14:57

I got married on the East coast during the first two weeks of September (1999) and the weather was lovely.

However, it wasn't a strong buring heat in clear blue skies -such as you might find in the med at this time of year. There was generally a mixture of cloud and sunshine but it was always warm enough to sit on the beach (mid twenties) and the humidity makes it feel warmer.

I would say that it was a bit cold on an evening and so if you plan to sit outside then a light jumper/ wrap would be needed.

It was the best holiday I ever had and I don't regret getting married there - I hope it is a wonderful day and I would certainly say you have made the right choice.
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Registriert: Mo Jul 25, 2005 14:22

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