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Backpacking questions

for our english speaking user.

Backpacking questions

Beitragvon trail_and_error » Mi Jul 05, 2006 16:55

Hi all,

I have read through most topics here, and found lots of information, but not the kind of information I really need :-( I hope someone can answer my questions quickly.

First some background information:

I am about to try out my own little "concept", which I for now call "trial and error travelling". The concept is quite simple, and contains the following:

1) You are not allowed to bring luggage, other than your toiletry kit, medications and a roll of toilet paper
2) You have to go to a place someone has recommended and you should not know much about the culture/country/city
3) You should not read any travel guides/books etc (this forces you to talk to people for company and for travel tips)
4) You should opt for cheap accomodation (like bungalows)
5) You are not allowed to plan anything else, than where (approximately) you should sleep the first night (the best thing is just to know in what area of what city you should go to)
6) You should buy the ticket, with least amount of time to travel. (The best thing is to travel very far the same day as you buy the ticket, but departuring within 2 days is OK)

I have an offer for a relatively cheap ticket to Mauritius (departure july 7th, 2006) , but in order for me to comform with "rule" number 1 and 5, I need to know:

- Are there any central places where I can buy the necessary clothes for me to wear at Mauritius (I will only wear and need the kind of clothes that is practical)?
- Is it easy to find a place to sleep, NOT hotels, but beachside bungalows, and how much will these typically cost? Will it be possible to get a bungalow by just showing up or is reservation needed?

I hope someone can provide some information quickly :-)


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Registriert: Mi Jul 05, 2006 16:29

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon phdi » Sa Jul 08, 2006 18:48

sorry i'm to late , i could have give you a lot of info
love mauritius
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Registriert: So Jul 17, 2005 23:56
Wohnort: belgium

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