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Attendin conference at Paradis Hotel 7th - 12th june

for our english speaking user.

Attendin conference at Paradis Hotel 7th - 12th june

Beitragvon Smash » Do Apr 20, 2006 12:02

Hello Every1,

I will be in Attending a conference at The Hotel Paradis. Please help with place of interest to visit. I am 28 so vibey i:() atmosphere is for me, night clubs, meeting & making friends, culture & monuments in new places is my thing. If any around at that time, message & we'll meet up.

Are place far away from each other & Is traveling easy?

Your help will be apprecaited

PS. Stefan BIG Thank you to you for your help.

edit: removed bold in title

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Registriert: Mi Apr 19, 2006 21:13

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon cloudbreak » So Mai 07, 2006 18:38

I live about 5 km to Le Paradis , lots of thing to do , Mauritius is very small as you must know , you can go rond the island in only one day .
so if u want a friend to :he() when in Mauritius let me know .
mail on
cloudbreak .
Beiträge: 3
Registriert: So Mai 07, 2006 18:29
Wohnort: le Morne

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