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Assistance Please

for our english speaking user.

Assistance Please

Beitragvon Rev. Charles » So Nov 22, 2009 10:40

Hallo everyone, Please help

My wife and I are interested in establishing our ministry and business in Mauritius. Firstly we manufacture a product called Cold Carbon asphalt mix in 25kg bags used for road repairs, new road surfaces, rural roads, speed humps, driveways, waterproofing, tennis and netball courts and many other applications. Cold carbon asphalt is a mixture of carbonated shale, aggregate and bitumen emulsion. We are based in South Africa. The product is suited for contractor development programs (small/medium and micro entrepreneurs) and community driven sustainable development projects.

In short, by utilizing the product one can create jobs, as the application is “Labour intensive” where no heavy machinery is required. “Job creation” - something that is very rare in these economic times. The product is South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) approved and we have won numerous International awards. Some of our clients are (ACSA) the Airports Company of South Africa, various municipalities and Government departments. We have also launched in Zambia where our product has been approved by all relevant institutions.

We have contact various government departments, ministries but with no response. Secondly our ministry is a registered non-profit faith based organization, my wife and I, with our children, want to immigrate and live in Mauritius. Our calling and main objective is to provide, assist and help in the improvement of local communities through community service and projects to all regarding their physical and spiritual needs. Also give basic living skills training where necessary. With more than 17 years and experience, we specialise in in all aspects of eco- tourism and hospitality, magement, construction, development, maintenance, subsistance vegatable farming, animal husbandary, education & training. We also offer environmental conservation through our environmental education adventure youth camps.

Please can anyone assist with information, the way forward, contact details, protocol, possibilities etc?

Rev. Charles and Antoinette Pretorius

Rev. Charles
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Registriert: Do Nov 05, 2009 10:11

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon ud » So Nov 22, 2009 16:25

Hello Reverend,

Welcome to the forums. Maybe if you could elaborate more on your CV background, experience in business and capacity to invest, this might be more appealing?

This is a forum dealing mainly with providing info on Mauritius but I don't think there are local investors, businessmen who visit this forum to be honest.

Send me a private message with the details and I'll see if I can pass the information to some consultant I know. I'm sure he's been working on Bioplastics, plastic recycling and composite wood project which is using carbonated shale for construction.

Did you have a look at this website?

It's got the information you will need and also has forms, guides e,t.c


moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Wohnort: England

@Rev. Charles

Beitragvon MmeTortue » So Nov 22, 2009 19:32

Hello Reverend,

My personal advice is: concentrate on one thing first of all, preferably the business and try to find out more by using an advisor as recommended by ud and if I was you I'd also have a look around for myself in Mauritius.

Do you know anything about companies in Mauritius who offer the same or similar business you have in mind? Also try to get a bit of experience on the currency, cost and turnover side (although it might be similar to ZA - I've no idea...).

As for religions and various faiths: we've got quite a lot here on this tiny island... You wouldn't believe how many people I know left their 'inherited' religion (inherited from their parents/ancestors) as they hope and think a 'new' one will help them out of their (mostly material) misery. So you really should get a good picture on the various 'offerings' here on the island before starting something new.

However good luck!
Mme. Tortue (lutheran German married with a hindou Mauritian - fyi)
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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