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Apollo Noodles sent to UK?

for our english speaking user.

Apollo Noodles sent to UK?

Beitragvon Tegan1110 » Di Feb 28, 2012 22:25


I am here in the UK and recently a friend brought me some lovely APOLLO NOODLES from his visit to Mauritius. Unfortunately these have now run out... :(

I am hoping that someone on here might be able to send me some from Mauritius through to to UK? I am willing to pay costs (via Paypal perhaps?) and would perhaps be interested in a "goods-exchange" where-by i could send some British products in exchange for the lovely Apollo noodles?

Perhaps someone on here might be interested? I am eager to answer any questions you may have and am happy to provide more information about myself to help prove my sincerity.

I hope to hear back from someone soon! :)


Tegan1110 [biggrin]

(EDIT: Sorry, Perhaps I should have posted this in MARKETPLACE part of the forum? Mods can feel free to move my topic if they see fit!)

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Registriert: Di Feb 28, 2012 22:19

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Re: Apollo Noodles sent to UK?

Beitragvon Brofasond » Mi Feb 29, 2012 0:02

Hi Tegan 1110,

have you ever thought about getting those kind of preprepared noodles in asian shops in UK? There are so many of those shops, well equiped and most of them offer a great variety of what you request. I saw them in the shelves almost everywhere. And they cost only a few cent. Guess it is much cheeper and quicker to get them directly in UK in comparison to any kind of "delivery service" from Mauritius.

All the best
aide boucou
aide boucou
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Re: Apollo Noodles sent to UK?

Beitragvon Ropeless » Di Mär 13, 2012 22:25

Yes you can find them in some asian shops around not all or here is a site in which the actual shop is in north london edmonton
if u go to store and look towards the middle u'll find noodles.
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Registriert: Di Mär 13, 2012 22:22

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