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another more question (sorry!)

for our english speaking user.

another more question (sorry!)

Beitragvon koala00 » Fr Nov 30, 2007 14:19

i forgot:

- Shopping: where are the best places in mauritius to buy cheap clothes??? markets? shops? industry? Where can I find them? now yes...........many thanks!!!

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Registriert: Di Okt 09, 2007 12:29

Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon ud » So Dez 02, 2007 15:37

Hi koala00,

I know a lot of tourists who visit the clothing market of Quatre-Bornes for some good deals....I can't remember but I think it's on a Sunday.
Make sure that you visit the Caudan Waterfront and other streets in the city as well. Since you're coming through the customs at the Airport, you can check the clothes from makes like (Lacoste, Ralph Lauren) which have got duty free shops there and in some towns.
It depends on what you meant by cheap...and then you have to compromise with quality!

If you are looking for shirts for your husband, there's a factory shop in the end Ollier Road, Quatre Bornes. They used to sell really good shirts (Marlboro Classics e.t.c) at affordable prices around Rs 500 but the inside tags have been cut (it doesn't matter anyway).

There was another topic where some shops have been mentioned, try looking for it.

Hope this helps

I'm coming to Mauritius in December to replenish my clothing stock as well and perhaps sell some on Ebay.

Best regards

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Registriert: Di Nov 07, 2006 14:26
Wohnort: England

Beitragvon Sundri » So Dez 02, 2007 23:01

Hi ud and koala, I think that the market in Quatre Bornes is on Thursday and on Sunday.

best regards
aide boucou
aide boucou
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Registriert: Mo Jul 02, 2007 23:43
Wohnort: Hessen

Beitragvon stone_rose » Mo Dez 03, 2007 15:40

I find the market in Mahebourg on mondays quite interesting. I got stuff there far cheaper than in Port Louis.
moris explorater
moris explorater
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Registriert: Di Jan 13, 2004 13:46

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