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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Mi Okt 18, 2017 12:04

– despite record of misinformation as HPSFormer Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, yesterday lashed out at the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) Government,Cheap NFL Jerseys, accusing it of creating an atmosphere of uncertainty, because of not disclosing information to the public.This was reported at the People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) press conference at Freedom House, yesterday. Dr Luncheon, who hosted the event, said that the actions of the new APNU+AFC administration had resulted in uncertainty in the country.Luncheon pointed to three areas— non disclosure of information, discrimination and authoritarianism, all of which he accused the Government of practising.“It makes absolutely no sense for an incoming administration, particularly one that faces the reality of being out of Government for 23 years and being represented by novices to the use of executive power, to go and destroy what existed in the public service,” Luncheon said, describing the dismissals of various Heads of State institutions as the administration “cutting its nose to spite its face.”Dr. Luncheon also chose the forum to lament on former Presidents- Hinds,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Jagdeo and Ramotar- being “denied” their pension benefits,Mens Nike Air Max 2018 Shoes, despite the fact that under the new arrangement, former Presidents benefits are only provided with a cap.Before the President’s amendment Bill was introduced earlier in the Month, a former President had enjoyed a tax free pension equivalent to seven-eighths of their sitting salary. Subsequent to the Bill, their pension was not touched, contrary to Dr. Luncheon’s assertion, yesterday.Luncheon also accused the administration of not disclosing certain information that would normally be disseminated to the public. However, when reminded about the myriad of cases where by Luncheon, as HPS, had played footsie with disseminating information to journalists at Office of the President, especially on E- governance questions, Luncheon maintained that he had always been open with providing information to the media.“I started out emphasizing on uncertainty, and the contributions non disclosure makes to uncertainty. I do not accept that we were non-disclosing about the Marriott. I think the records would show the level of disclosure about the Marriott, the court cases would be awesome.”Luncheon also held up one instance where he had taken journalists into his office in order to present them with information as proof of being open to the public.However, back in April while Luncheon yet held the office of HPS, there was much controversy as to the actual cost of the Brazil fibre optic cable. The cable restoration, entrusted to Dax Contracting Services for rehabilitation and repairs after the project was virtually abandoned due to damage to the cable during the laying, had been given great support from Luncheon, who had been adamant that the fibre optic cable would be rehabilitated at “no cost to the Government.”The subsequent disclosure of the contract between Dax and the Government, signed on March 16, would reveal the shocking truth. In the agreement, Dax was allowed to import two SUVs and three four door pickups every three years for the life of the agreement,Nike Shox Women Clearance, spanning twenty- five (25) years. In addition, Dax was provided the option to renew the agreement for a further fifteen (15) year extension.Following checks, it was determined that two high end SUVs (Mercedes or Lexus 570 or BMW), and three four door pick-ups would attract some GYD$250M in duty and taxes. Nor did the contract stipulate that Dax necessarily had to keep the vehicles, leaving the option open to sell them.In addition, Dax was granted full usage and access to the cable and every other aspect of the project, including use of road access, access to poles, and access to repeater stations, in addition to applicable tax holidays, remissions, waivers and duty free concessions on imported equipment, spares and tools.In April, the former HPS became embroiled in another non disclosure case, in this instance surrounding the Cabinet giving its no objection for the awarding of contracts to a ‘mysterious’ bidder, for the procurement of medical supplies for the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) totaling $219.8M and the procurement of drugs for the same hospital amounting to $1.16B.When pressed by the media to reveal the identities of the bidders,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys 2018, Luncheon had steadfastly refused, in addition to also declining to say when the bid was opened or whether it had followed the due process,Wholesale China Jerseys, Luncheon had also procrastinated.Also in 2015, Luncheon came under fire after he disclosed, weeks before the multimillion Marriott Hotel opened, that tax payer dollars had funded the project thus far.  This followed court cases, in particular one launched by former APNU+AFC parliamentarian Desmond Trotman, which had held back the release of in excess of US$30M.Despite being a sitting member of the Board of the National Industrial and Commercial Investment Limited (NICIL), the main investor in the hotel through Atlantic Hotels Incorporated (AHI) at the time, Luncheon had steadfastly refused to disclose where financing for the Hotel had come from.The PPP/C administration had also emulated this tight lipped stance on disclosing the financing.Meanwhile, Luncheon also revealed that a Deputy Speaker for the National Assembly had not been identified as yet.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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