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335,306 tourist arrivals from January to June 2003

for our english speaking user.

335,306 tourist arrivals from January to June 2003

Beitragvon stefan » Do Okt 23, 2003 9:39

335,306 tourist arrivals from January to June 2003

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), tourist arrivals for the first six months of 2003 increased by 3.9%
from 322,707 in 2002 to 335,306 in 2003.
Most of them (90.0%) came mainly for holidays while 4.6% were on business/conference trips, and
The CSO figures indicate arrivals from Europe, which accounted for 66.8% of total tourist arrivals, rose by 2.5% to 224,045 during the first half of 2003. Arrivals from France, the island’s leading market, representing 29.0% of total tourist arrivals and 43.4% of the European market, dropped by 3.3% to reach 97,130. Arrivals from Italy also contracted by 1.3%. On the other hand, arrivals from United Kingdom went up by 18.1% and from Germany by 0.5%. Trends among the other European countries were as follows: Spain (+23.4%), Switzerland (+10.5%), Sweden (+7.9%), Austria (+2.3%), Belgium (-5.9%) and Netherlands (-11.6%). Concerning African countries, the CSO shows that arrivals from Africa for the period under review January, with a share of 24.2 % of total tourist arrivals, increased by 2.8 % to 81,092. The number of tourists from La Réunion Island, the major generating country of the region, went up by 1.6%, while those from South Africa fell by 1.1%. The changes in arrivals from other African countries were as follows: Comoros (+51.9%), Malagasy Republic (+42.8%), Seychelles (-2.4%), Kenya (-7.8%) and Zimbabwe (-54.8%). Meanwhile, the Asian market grew by 21.1% for the reference period - arrivals from India went up by 42.0% to attain 13,884; United Arab Emirates (+390.6%), People’s Republic of China (-0.7%), Japan (-18.8%), Malaysia (-34.9%), Singapore (-45.1%) and Hong Kong (-53.1%). While arrivals from Oceania went up by 18.5% due largely to an increase of 17.6% in arrivals from Australia. An increase of 9.9% was recorded in arrivals from America, resulting of growths from USA (+7.1%), Canada (+4.4%) and other American countries (+22.4%). The CSO further estimated that the number of nights spent by tourists during the first half of 2003 stood at 3.3 million, up by 3.5% over the same period of 2002. At the end of June 2003, there was a total of 94 hotels in operation in the island. The total room capacity was 9,574 with 19,515 bed places. The room occupancy rate for all hotels for the first semester of 2003 averaged 62% while the bed occupancy rate was 54%.

source: Central Statistical Office

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