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Beitragvon Boswank » Di Jul 27, 2004 12:58


habe gerade Bilder ins Forum gestellt, und dabei von der Explosion gelesen.
Habe ein Bild von Grand Baie unter allerlei ins Forum gestellt.
Ist das betroffene Gebäude in dieser Nähe ??

Danke für eine evtl. Auskunft.

Beste Grüße Herbert Boswank

encor Basic
encor Basic
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Registriert: Mo Jul 26, 2004 13:40
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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Blue Marlin97 » Di Jul 27, 2004 13:51


das betroffene Gebäude ist ca. 80-100m weiter auf der selben Strassenseite an der Ecke, wo die Strasse zum Super U reingeht. Es ist nicht das Gebäude auf dem Bild, sondern in etwa am Beginn des Sunset Boulevards, der allerdings auf der Wasserseite liegt ...
Blue Marlin97
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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Beitragvon anil » Mi Aug 18, 2004 5:22

Explosion in Grand Baie Mauritius – Govt is still covering up

The Mauritius government has tended to cover up things and treating the citizens like a senseless flock of sheep. The explosion in Grand Baie is just another case. First everyone was sure that it was a gas explosion or at least the Prime Minister and especially the Minister of tourism Anil Gayan insisted even though the investigation has not yet been finalise. As a lawyer don’t you think he should have known better? A month after the blast and with the whole population expressing their disbelief in the gas explosion story the government now is saying that it is not gas yet still holding on to the gas story. What is this? The FBI claims it is gas yet asked for the names of visitors to the country, the Forensic Science Laboratory, which is under the prime ministers office, found traces of nitroglycerin but they now need to find a detonator to confirm this.

So the government is sticking to the gas story until proven otherwise. Why stick to any story until proven otherwise? In Mauritius gas is not piped they all comes in gas bottles that conforms to international standards. What is most interesting is than all the gas bottles in the restaurant and store were intact after the blast. We all know how the government use ‘experts’ to say what they want to say. This situation is just like the others in the past.

The government says that there is no terrorists in Mauritius perhaps that’s true but we all know that there are a lot of pro terrorists in this country. Take Sept 11, when the news was announced there were firecrackers, celebration and dancing in the street that lasted several days. A local newspaper had to call this outpour of joy barbaric but the same thing again during the Iraq war as news streamed in from BBC when coalition lost a tank or aircraft.

No terrorists in Mauritius then why is the US embassy on such high alert? With precautions, helicopters, armed police 24 hrs guard etc? Are we to go about our business and wait for bomb scares like Shoprite, IVTB etc to jolt us? Suppose we have the views of the government and we see a suspicious bag in a crowded area and ignore it are we being complacent because the govt assure us not to be worried. Don’t you think it is just too big a chance to take? We are brainwashed by the govt think “ there are not terrorist in Mauritius, why should they come here we are so small and we let the whole world know this, surely we will attract them to come.

The government tries to pull wool over our eyes. Too bad being more educated today they have forgotten that we can feel with our hands even though our eyes may be blind folded we are not easily deceived.

Making small people pay so that the govt look good and sweet. People have been discredited and bad-mouthed bad press and ‘evidenced’ so that they take the blame. This same strategy is being used here. The consequence of gas being the cause of the explosion could mean a conviction for the owners of the La Langouste Grisée restaurant and or the Grand Baie Store. Does it matter to the government that these innocent individuals are suffering and has lost their reputation?

Its better to tell the terrorists now that we know that they are everywhere but we wont be terrorized. Because when that time comes, we want to be behind our government and not kicking them out for this.

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Registriert: Mo Aug 02, 2004 9:05

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