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Hier ist Platz für Ihre Berichte, Erfahrungen und Geschichten.
Sagen Sie den anderen, was Sie wie erlebt haben ;)

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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Sa Sep 23, 2017 18:40

–    pledge to clamp down on “suitcase traders” The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Cheddi Jagan International Airport Corporation (CJIAC) in a joint press conference have vowed to clamp down on “suitcase traders” as well as the smuggling of illicit items.The recent installation of a US$80,000 scanner for all incoming baggage at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport is the first major step in that regard. The scanner will be detecting packages which are deemed commercial goods brought into the country via suitcase, as well as weapons and narcotics.A terminal officer viewing suitcases being passed through the scanner.The scanner, a Chinese-made NUCTECH Filmsafe X Ray Inspection System, was acquired through the Support for Competitiveness Programme (SCP), with assistance from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). SCP is a component of the National Competitiveness Strategy Unit (NCSU).Officials at yesterday’s press conference included Chief Executive Officer of CJIA, Ramesh Ghir, GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur, National Competitiveness Strategy Unit (NCSU) project manager Tariq Williams, Deputy Head, Customs and Trade Administration Karen Chapman and several GRA representatives.Commissioner General Sattaur said the need for the scanner was listed as an action to be taken in a trade transaction plan created by public private dialogue body which is a sub-group of the national competitiveness council.He noted with concern that persons were trying to deceive customs at the airport by concealing commercial items, concealed weapons, explosives and narcotics in their suitcase. The installation of this scanner is expected to combat these activities.The GRA boss stated emphatically that persons found guilty of making false declarations could face a fine of up to $25,000 and three years’ imprisonment.He further explained that the scanner is not intended to target persons visiting the country, but to clamp down on persons taking advantage of the system where there are no controls and mechanisms in place to detect individuals using their suitcases for commercial importation of goods that is subject to duty.“It would therefore not be something for people travelling to Guyana with the genuine intentions coming as travelers to be deterred. I would want to expect it would be a deterrent to persons who come to the country and do not make the right declarations of what they bring in their suitcases, and I am referring to things like watches, cell phones, jewellery, clothing…things that can be commercially imported. This has been a vibrant business.”An airport official loads a suitcase onto the scanner.Adding that persons will be given the opportunity to make their declarations in the appropriate manner, Sattaur said the full penalty of the law will be administered to those who do not comply.Deputy Head,China Jerseys, Customs and Trade Administration, Karen Chapman, noted that when someone arrives at the airport with their luggage from the customs area,Wholesale Jerseys, they would now either head to make a declaration, or if the person has nothing to declare, they would head straight to the scanner.“Once you have nothing to declare you will head to the green lane where the suitcase will be placed on the scanner when your turn comes. The luggage will be scanned and a form C14 will be filled out by a customs officer in attendance. If goods are found to be dutiable, they would be transferred to the red lane,Authentic Jerseys From China, where there will be a physical examination and an inspection will be done. If based on the scanning there is nothing found by the customs officer, the form will be signed and the passenger will then exit the customs area,” Chapman explained.“If you go to the green lane to say you have nothing to declare, and you have something to declare, it is that you are making a false declaration. Signs in the lobby will state the penalties for false declaration…this is a $25,000 fine together with imprisonment.”Adding that there is also a penalty for concealed goods,Cheap Jerseys China, Chapman said this would attract a $10,000 fine or triple the value of the goods and one year imprisonment.NCSU project manager Tariq Williams said the goal of the programme is to enhance Guyana’s competitiveness and contribute to increased levels of private investment and exports for the country.Given the significant role played by GRA in facilitating trade, he said, a substantial amount of funding was made under the SCP.He said in early 2012,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, GRA recognized the need for a cargo scanner in order to expedite the process of maximizing revenue collection.  He said the NCSU and the SCP remain committed to supporting the revenue agency and other stakeholder agencies.Chief Executive Officer of the airport, Ramesh Ghir said the scanner contributes to the modernisation of the CJIA, and opined that the airport can be comparable to international standards with its facilities and equipment.Ghir also disclosed that the airport would be purchasing and installing a non-intrusive scanner, valued at almost three times (US$200,000) the baggage scanner.Meanwhile,Cheap Jerseys From China, the terminal officer at the scanner disclosed that items are colour coded when it is passed through the scanner, and an officer would be able to identify anything that would cause the suitcase to be examined and inspected.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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