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Hier ist Platz für Ihre Berichte, Erfahrungen und Geschichten.
Sagen Sie den anderen, was Sie wie erlebt haben ;)

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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Do Dez 14, 2017 8:29

– contractorContractor Ramzan Ali Khan has said that he never did slipshod work on the approaches to the bridge outside the Anna Regina Police Station.Instead he blamed the regional officials for ignoring his instructions thus opening the roadway to heavy vehicular traffic almost immediately after repairs work had been completed.Yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, residents in the vicinity of the Henrietta road project said that the project was executed in one day and two weeks later potholes began to appear.But Ramzan Ali Khan said that when the regional authorities awarded him the contract they told him to use a water-based tar,NFL Jerseys Outlet, CRS1.He said that he recognised the futility of using that material so at his expense he decided to use a sturdier tar,cheap jerseys from china, RC250.He said that he started the construction on January 24 when he primed the approaches.The next day he sealed the surface with instruction that the road be closed for at least three days so that the road would set.“As soon as my back was turned they opened the road—about half an hour after I stopped the work. It was about four o’clock.”Ali Khan said that the first vehicles to cross were two large trucks and a low bed owned by BK International. The holes started to appear almost immediately. He said that the rainy weather did not help the situation.He said that BK International is at present doing major works at Onderneeming,Wholesale China Jerseys, Johanna Cecelia, and Aurora.The diversion aback of the Anna Regina fire station could not accommodate the large vehicles.Asked whether he cold have done the roadway in two parts, closing one of them,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Ali Khan said that even if he had done that the large vehicles would have been stranded on either side of the bridge.He said that this stretch of roadway has been repaired often,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, at least six times over the past two years. He added that the authorities should use asphalt but it would seem that they are reluctant.Mr Ali Khan said that even before the photograph appeared in Kaieteur News he was asking Regional Chairman Ali Baksh to offer a contract to scarify the road.Will there be another contract to repair the bridge? Mr Ali Khan could not say.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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