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WWW.World-Dumps.Com/ Shop Dumps Online - Buy Dumps Pins Onli

Alles über das Leben IN Mauritius, Auswandern, Lebenskosten, Behördengänge, Investieren, Beziehungen mit einem Mauritianer oder umgekehrt, etc.

WWW.World-Dumps.Com/ Shop Dumps Online - Buy Dumps Pins Onli

Beitragvon anakasaki159 » Mi Okt 18, 2017 10:18

Hello Everybody !!!

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---— We give bonuses to our long-term customers.
Types of bases There exist three different types of bases. The first type is Exclusive collection. It offers only the freshest dumps. They definitely have the best balances and the highest percentage of approval. Moreover, if these dumps appear to be nonrefundable, though you used them correctly - we will give your money back if you choose this type.

The second type is 50%_Exclusive_collection. This collection deals with dumps that were in the Exclusive Collection for a month, and then reduced their price for 50%. This type of collection is good enough, and more affordable. The third type is a Promotion Collection. In general, such dumps are two months old, they have not been sold out in an Exclusive collection and in Gold Collection and have a reduced percentage of approval, but they also have some vivid advantages, such as checking on Checker before buying and 100% refund of all ones, that have the bad code, except for 00. And the price matches quite low. This type of collection is suitable for wholesalers, for testing and for those buyers who just begin their career.

***** How it works:
As it was mentioned, dump is the data which is kept on the tracks of the credit card's strip. We are interested only in the Track 1 and 2.

So let's look at the abstract example of this data:


Track1:B4631588243260760^ellison/stephen b^14091019424100488000000

PIN CODE: 1260



Track1: B4631588231060255^joiner/julian^14081013591100377000000

PIN CODE:Pin:5315

***** We guarantee:
---— Best dumps will be sent to you immediately after we receive your payment.
---— Before being sold all dumps are checked up on our checker by ask. Even if you happen to buy a “dead” dump, we promise to exchange it to life dumps for free.
This option can be fulfilled during 24 hours after you were sent it.
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We Offer High Quality Fresh Skimmers Dumps For Sale Track 1+Track 2 With Pin .
My products include but not limited to VISA,MC,AMEX.Providing the highest approval Rates Good Quality Of Dumps From USA,UK,CA,AU,EU,ASIA,CHINA,JAPAN,KOREA
About 2 years ago, we started working with a new direction:
Skimmers. As you know the most effective way to make money in carding used Dumps + Pin at an ATM to get cash immediately.Limits in ATM are much more higher than in usual dumps using (as usual it even doesn't have any limitations, so you can get all money which are available on balance)

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We independently cash all dumps with balance of more than 10.000 EURO/USD
All other card we sell to avoid the risk of being caught.
Cause my professional Skimmers and POS terminal provide a lot so I sell them.

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We Do Not Negotiate or Send Test and Do Not Waste Our Time
We Are Legit and Honest Dumps Seller Prices Good For All Customers Long Term
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If You Dont Know What Exactly This Kind Of Products Are or How To Use Them
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Support manager shop (English)

Please contact :

-ICQ Support : 603279119

-Gmail :

-My Store :

-My Blog :


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moris forum membre a'élite
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