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Alles über das Leben IN Mauritius, Auswandern, Lebenskosten, Behördengänge, Investieren, Beziehungen mit einem Mauritianer oder umgekehrt, etc.

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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Fr Dez 08, 2017 5:07

– burnt bodies found 10 miles  from bandits hide outThe burnt bodies of eight diamond miners were reportedly found in a camp some ten miles below Christmas Falls, the scene of the recent shootout between Police and members of the so-called ‘Fine Man Gang.’The gruesome discovery was reportedly made at around 08:00 hrs yesterday by the owner of the camp, George Leonard Arokium, 61, who said he went to the area to check on his crew, after not hearing from them for several days and after receiving some disturbing phone calls.Last night, a shaken Arokium said he did not stop at any Police station despite several calls, as he was unsure whom to trust.Believed dead are Arokium’s son Dax,Jeff Reine-Adelaide Arsenal Jersey UK, 29, of Crane Place,Jerseys NFL Cheap, South Ruimveldt Park; his brother, Cedric Arokium, called Brother, 51; Compton Spires,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, called Toner, 58, of Meten-Meer Zorg, West Coast Demerara; ‘Berry’ Wong, mid 40’s; Lance Lee,China Jerseys NFL, called ‘Piggy’, 40, of Tucville; ‘Bonney’ Harry, 48, of Essequibo Coast; a teenager reportedly of Kwakwani, Berbice River, and a man known only as ‘Drakes.’Last night, a shaken Arokium confirmed that he did not make any official reports to the Police, although he received several calls from them, the army and Prime Minister Sam Hinds.Up to late yesterday, the Police were saying that they had received no report of such an incident. One source said that, given that the discovery was made early yesterday morning, it is surprising that the man who made the discovery failed to race to the nearest Police station.Arokium said he was convinced that it was not the work of the Rondell ‘Fineman” Rawlins’ gang,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, whose camp was discovered two weeks ago, not far way.The man, a private land surveyor, said that on Wednesday he received an anonymous call from a man who said that his son’s camp, which is located at a place called 72 Km up the Berbice River, had been attacked and the men shot and burnt.He immediately called a Police friend, who, after checking, indicated that they have received no such report.Arokium received another call on Thursday, in which a Kwakwani woman said that she had heard reports that her teenaged son was dead in an attack on the camp. He said the woman suggested that the men were slain by mistake.On Friday afternoon, Arokium and a friend decided to investigate, and went through Linden to Kwakwani.From there, he journeyed to his friend’s camp located at 76 KM, where he arrived at around 02:00 hrs.“I spent the night there, and then, around six, I left to go into the backdam to our camp, which is located four km in the backdam.”With him was his friend. At the camp, Arokium said, they saw the camp in disarray with pots and pans on the ground, and from the water it was evident that no mining activities had been done for a while.In the middle of the camp,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, the two men made the shocking discovery of several skulls and human remains.He said that a licensed shotgun that they kept in the camp was missing.The stricken father said he and his friend were scared and they immediately left and started back for Georgetown.He did not stop to make any reports at any Police station.“I was not sure who to trust.”Asked how he was sure that the bodies were those of his son, brother and other members of the camp, Arokium said it was clear that it was the men, since they were not in the camp and were missing.“I am convinced that this is a clear case of robbery and murder.”He explained that he had heard that the mining operations had ‘washed’ last Saturday, and someone must have heard.Arokium believes that the security at a now deserted Unamco Road, which is located about four kilometres away, should be questioned since no one can enter the camp area without passing them.Several persons were yesterday gathered at the South Ruimveldt Park home of the Arokium family.And Police investigators from Eve Leary were late last night trying to convince the shaken father to come in.Meanwhile, Police sources have suggested that the men were slaughtered by members of Rondell Rawlins gang, who had fled from Christmas Falls after Police swooped down on their camp.Top Police officials in Georgetown told Kaieteur News that they had heard of the reportDean Arokium, whose brother, Dax, is reportedly among those slain, said that his family established the camp in the area some two years ago.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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