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Alles über das Leben IN Mauritius, Auswandern, Lebenskosten, Behördengänge, Investieren, Beziehungen mit einem Mauritianer oder umgekehrt, etc.

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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Di Okt 17, 2017 17:05

A post mortem examination has confirmed that Unity, Mahaica poultry farmer Ramlogan Singh was strangled.Singh’s bound body, with a cloth tied tightly over his mouth and around his neck, was discovered in his house by his son,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, Surujballi, early Sunday morning.The home was ransacked, convincing investigators that they were dealing with a robbery/murder.Ramlogan SinghThey believe that the acts were the work of persons from the Mahaica area but they are not ruling out outside elements.Police have detained several persons from the community, who have had previous brushes with the law.This was a result of information received that they were seen acting suspiciously around the time that Singh was believed to have been slain.However, a source at Mahaica told this newspaper that the police do not have anything substantial to link those in custody to the crime.Ramlogan Singh, called ‘Tun Tun’,Authentic NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, who had lived alone, was last seen alive by his grandson, Naresh,Wholesale Jerseys Online, around 15:00 hours on Saturday.His son, Surujballi,Nike NFL Jerseys China, who lives in a house next door to his father,Cheap Jerseys Store, said that he was aroused by someone calling at his father’s gate to purchase chicken.The visitor was a popular cricket commentator who buys his poultry from the elderly farmer.“He came to buy four chickens and he keep calling, and he went upstairs and rap at the door and no answer,” Surujballi Singh told this newspaper.“When I go over, everything open. I go right upstairs,Nike Air Force One Shoes Women, straight into the room and I discover he two hand tie at de back and he two foot tie too. He deh face down.”He laid the blame squarely on the prevalence of drug use in the community.Police recovered pieces of items associated with drug use from the murder scene.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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