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Alles über das Leben IN Mauritius, Auswandern, Lebenskosten, Behördengänge, Investieren, Beziehungen mit einem Mauritianer oder umgekehrt, etc.

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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Mo Nov 20, 2017 3:29

Deonarine Rafick, Nouravie Wilfred and Twyon Thomas, the teen whose privates were allegedly set alight last year by three police ranks,Nike NFL Jerseys China, again failed to appear in court.The case against the ranks who allegedly brutalised them now appears to be in jeopardy.The matter was called up again at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate’s Court before Magistrate Naysha Williams-Hatmin and put down until December 6.Kaieteur News understands that there is a strong possibility that the matter would be dismissed if the trio fail to turn up on the next court date. There have been reports that the victims have all accepted financial settlements.Kaieteur News managed to contact the teen on his mother’s mobile number (698-1639 ) yesterday. He denied that the family had reached a financial settlement with the defendants. When this newspaper requested to speak with his mother, Shirley Thomas, the teen said that she was not around. He promised to contact Kaieteur News but never called back.Kaieteur News then contacted Ms. Thomas’s reputed husband,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Doodnauth Jaikarran, on telephone number 678-8906. Mr. Jaikarran said that he and Ms. Thomas ended their relationship last February and that he had not seen the woman and her son since.According to Mr. Jaikarran,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, an individual had approached him to offer the family a settlement shortly after the torture incident was made public. He claimed that he rejected the offer.But at around 21:00 hrs last night, Kaieteur News again attempted to contact Mr. Jaikarran on his telephone number 678-8906.This time, a woman who identified herself as Ms. Shirley Thomas, the tortured teen’s mother, answered. Asked about her son’s whereabouts, Ms. Thomas alleged that “the boy gone up in the bush, and I can’t get in touch with he.”The woman did not respond when asked to confirm whether they had accepted a financial settlement. The phone was cut off when Kaieteur News asked her when last she had seen her reputed husband, Mr. Jaikarran. All the phone numbers went to voice mail during subsequent attempts to reach the  family.Yesterday, relatives of Deonarine Rafick, one of the men who was allegedly brutalised, admitted to accepting compensation.Rafick was charged in connection with the murder of Region Three official, Ramenaught Bisram, in October last year. However he was released from prison after it was determined that his confession was not done freely and voluntarily.One of Rafick’s relatives yesterday told Kaieteur News that the (officers) and other persons begged them to settle the matter.  The relative said that the money was paid last month.Rafick,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Free Shipping, Nouravie Wilfred and the then 15-year-old Thomas were held during the investigation into the murder of retired Region Three vice-chairman Ramenaught Bisram in October last year.During the investigation, the teenage boy’s genital area was set allegedly alight by the policemen involved in the case. He was only taken to a hospital after Kaieteur News published his story and photos of his horrific injuries. The story sparked international outrage, and the teen and his family received financial and other assistance from benevolent organisations.Sergeant Narine Lall, Constable Mohanram Dolai and Corporal Oswald Foo were charged last November for allegedly inflicting the injuries while interrogating Thomas and the other two accused at the Leonora Police Station.According to the charges brought against the trio, on October 28, at the Leonora Police Station, they unlawfully and maliciously wounded Rafick, with intent to maim, disfigure, disable or cause him grievous bodily harm. A second charge against Lall and Dolai alleged that between October 20 and October 29, last, at the Leonora Police Station; they unlawfully and maliciously wounded Wilfred. The duo was also slapped with a charge of felonious wounding,  which alleges that they unlawfully and maliciously wounded the 15-year-old boy,Cheap Authentic NFL Jersey, with intent to maim, disfigure,Wholesale Jerseys USA, disable or cause him grievous bodily harm. This incident allegedly occurred on October 28 at the Leonora Police Station.The teen, through his attorney Khemraj Ramjattan, had also filed a constitutional motion and this was heard by Justice Roxanne George. Her judgment is being awaited.

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