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I want to know about my name

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I want to know about my name

Beitragvon ancestry » Do Aug 14, 2014 18:07

I was adopted in Canada but my ancestors came from Mauritius. My last name was Muttylall before adoption. When I search the Internet I found another last name Motelal and they claim that it is same as Muttylall. I need to know about my ancestors, gotras, caste. I hope you help me.

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Registriert: Do Aug 14, 2014 17:56

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Re: I want to know about my name

Beitragvon Titus » Fr Aug 15, 2014 19:02

No, sorry, we can't help you !
But you may contact the : "Cercle génealogique de l'Ile Maurice" who will certainly do their best:
moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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