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here you can introduce your self or place your website here, if private or commercial.


Beitragvon sheppeyescapee » Do Sep 09, 2010 18:41

Hey there,

My name is Jack, 26 and based in Bristol, UK. I came across this forum while I was searching for information about Mauritius. I would like to learn more about the place as my grandad was born there, why he would have left a place like Mauritius to move to the Isle of Sheppey I don't know! [wacko]


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Registriert: Do Sep 09, 2010 18:36

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Re: Hey!

Beitragvon Yuma » Di Sep 14, 2010 0:11

Hello Jack,

I'm brand new here but happy to say wellcome to you!

I'm trying to understand better some missing new rules, and i'd like to relocate in Mauritius...

All the best!
Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere Albert Einstein
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