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hi from an intern from Holland

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hi from an intern from Holland

Beitragvon lorella » Do Aug 09, 2012 18:51

Hi everyone,

I just moved to Mauritius two weeks ago for an internship in Quatre Bornes, and I was wondering if there are excursions or anything like that organised for international students/interns, as I would like to meet some other international people (I haven't met any so far:)) I hope that someone has some tips!

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Registriert: Do Aug 09, 2012 18:35

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Re: hi from an intern from Holland

Beitragvon Brofasond » Do Aug 09, 2012 23:36

Hi lorella,

welcome to this forum, welcome in Mauritius. Have a great time and enjoy yourself in a different culture.

I am not sure about your age, but as you said you are an intern you might be in the age of an university student. If so, why not trying to get in touch with the University of Mauritius (UoM). There you'll find many young and open minded Mauritians as well as students from other parts of the world too. From time to time they organise parties, trips to interesting places in Mauritius, and many of them love to do sports. That might also be a perfect activity to make new friends.

Just have a look here:

All the best
aide boucou
aide boucou
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