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Excess Luggage into Mauritius by BeltinExpress.Com

here you can introduce your self or place your website here, if private or commercial.

Excess Luggage into Mauritius by BeltinExpress.Com

Beitragvon dm191072 » Sa Jan 17, 2009 19:29

Unaccompanied Excess Luggage with a Door to Door Services
( All Inclusive Service Powered by )
Through our own specialist Network FOR THE MAURITIAN MARKET we send excess baggage and personal effects as unaccompanied baggage by AIR or SEA to MAURITIUS + to over 500 destinations worldwide.

Your benefits are: more than 65 % Great saving when you compare to any Airline`s Excess rates and we are offering a Door to Door service.

Convenient & Hassle free by travelling with confidence with our Secure Network , We are the only service provider to provide a Door to Door on Excess Luggage into your home country.

• At Beltin Express, we use only the most effective service partner at the RECEIVING end & we always direct you to the best.
• We collect from your home or business and deliver your baggage securely and reliably to your destination.
• No need to carry bags to and from the airport if you choose our door-to-door services. This means you bypass all the airport terminal congestion. You arrive at the airport relaxed and ready to travel. Just check-in on the fast moving hand baggage check-in counters, and proceed directly to security screening, passport control and the boarding gate.

• Upon arrival at your destination, you can go directly to car rental, hotel or other ground transportation without waiting for your baggage.

• We provide Customs clearance and delivery to your door, so no need to attend any customs examination ( Subject to Mauritian Customs & ADSU requirement ) at Plaisance Airport.

• This service is also available to many international destinations. To major routes such as Africa, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, EEC, and the Far East including Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Qatar, UAE, UK, and the USA.

• BeltinExpress.Com, now covers the whole of France with a 2 days service from United Kingdom as well as Pick Up from France to UK or Mauritius.

Beltin Express at Rapid Cargo Services Ltd (Ile Maurice)
Rangaya Iyer Street - which is Ex Farqhar Street in Port Louis
Republic OF Mauritius , Indian Ocean
e : -
Visit us on or call us to have an idea of what we can do for you.....

The purpose of all our services is to promote and increase awareness to the general public and corporate businesses for all their needs related to the transportation of cargo worldwide.
Our business practice & philosophy is to contribute to the progress and growth of our clientele’s day to day sphere of activity.

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Registriert: Sa Jan 17, 2009 18:55
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Excess Luggage into Mauritius by Sotrimex -

Beitragvon sirhc_31 » Fr Mai 01, 2009 21:51

Alternately, you can try another Clearing and Forwarding Agent - Sotrimex Ltd based in Mauritius or email on

They have offices at the seaport in Port-Louis and airport in Plaine Magnien.

I had a good and hassle free experience, I would personally recommend this company
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Registriert: Do Apr 30, 2009 16:00

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