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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Di Jan 16, 2018 20:56

Luck was on the side of a taxi driver when he ran into a police mobile patrol during anOrin Hubbardattempt to hijack his vehicle last night.Joel Williams, whose car is attached to Gems Taxi service, was already relieved of his day’s earning by the hijacker’s two accomplices and was being taken to the Kingston seawall where he believed that he would have been executed.However,China NBA Jerseys, thanks to the ranks of the police patrol unit, the suspect was nabbed as he tried to flee the car after Williams raised an alarm.The taxi driver told this newspaper that his troubles started around 20:30 hours when he picked up a dreadlocked man on Regent Street who told him he wanted to go to Leopold Street.Williams did not suspect anything was amiss when the dreadlocked man came out at the destination and another man entered the car and said he was heading to Eve Leary, behind the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) Headquarters.But while driving along Camp Street, the passenger requested that Williams stop since he had something to pick-up.“I stop and he come out de car. By the time I look around, two men pon a bike come up and stick me up. Dem men seh ‘pass all de money’. As soon as they say so,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, I go in me canister and give them the money,” Williams said,Cheap NFL Jerseys, adding that the cash amounted to around $13,000.The two men on the bike rode away while the initial passenger rejoined the car and holding his hand under his shirt as if he was concealing a weapon, he ordered Williams to drive towards the seawall near Eve Leary.But while heading to that location, Williams saw the police mobile patrol and immediately drove towards them, alerting them to his predicament.“When dem police approach, he going fuh jump out de car and run. But dem police say ‘hey, don’t move and he freeze,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys,” Williams recalled.The man was promptly arrested.“He tell the police that he was going on the seawall to breeze out. They ask he why he didn’t go in the light and he tell them that he gat fuh meditate in de dark,China Jerseys Wholesale,” one of Williams’ friends told this newspaper.According to Williams, when the police checked the suspect,jerseys from china, they found no weapon, however they found out that he had in his possession a toque with two neatly cut holes in it.“He say that de holes was to mek he get breeze when he get pun de seawall,” Williams said.Although the police did not find a gun on the suspect, the taxi driver is still convinced that he was being taken to the seawall to be killed.“Imagine he asking de man if he see he family fuh de day and how much money he does wuk for,” the taxi driver’s friend said.But looking back at the whole incident, Williams said that had he known that the bandit did not have a gun he would have acted differently.“I woulda drive into some post with he in de car,” he said.Kaieteur News understands that the bandit was identified as Orin Hubbard who was recently released from prison after serving time for armed robbery.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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