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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Sa Sep 23, 2017 18:39

Parliamentary Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin,Wholesale Jerseys Chinese, says that despite the slow responses to the Human Rights Violations Dossier that was presented to more than 50 world leaders and other international bodies,Wholesale Authentic China Jerseys, he anticipates that the mission will bear fruit.Corbin said that he is in receipt of acknowledgement from Secretary General of Commonwealth, Kamalesh Sharma,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, who assured that the heads were in receipt of the Dossier and the matter will be dealt with.The other organizations to which the dossier was sent, have still not yet responded but this has not daunted Corbin.According to Corbin, it took several years before former Liberian President Charles Taylor was brought to face his transgressions.According to Dr Rupert Roopnaraine, of the Working People’s Alliance,wholesale nfl jerseys, and a member of the Joint Opposition Political Parties, attempts at the compilations said at its launch that the objective of the dossier is intended to establish that there is a sufficient prima facie basis to warrant further interrogation of grave human rights abuses in Guyana by an independent body cloaked with legal authority to do so.The events documented,Nike Air Vapor Max Flyknit, according to Roopnaraine, include murder “we commit to the fact that statutes of limitation do not apply. Therefore as parties to this request this is a standing forever call for an inquiry that justice and fair play apply.”As a matter of record, the parties will undertake to comply and make their organisations and members fully and freely available to all independent investigations and interrogation conducted in pursuit of the truth in relation to any or all of the matters identified in the request.“We have included in this dossier, for example in appendix two, the instances of extra judicial murders and violence perpetrated by security forces and forces working in alliance with the state on citizens of Guyana. Appendix three includes all instances of murder most of them unsolved but we wanted to ensure that no one can level an accusation at this dossier that we have been unduly selective in the way in which we have presented the violations.”“We have also within the dossier, attempted to track the record and it will not be the first time that we are attempting here in Guyana to engage the attention of international and human rights bodies on relation to issues of torture.”Because Guyana is a signatory to a number of international torture conventions including the conventions against torture and the rights of the child, JOPP is seeking to build on the record of representation to strengthen the case for an international inquiry.Addressing the gathering at the launch of the dossier,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Corbin had said that it is a matter of public record that the revelations during the trial of Robert Simels and self-confessed drug trafficker Shaheed ‘Roger’ Khan in the USA was a catalyst for the opposition parties to meet and decide on a common approach.The approach, according to Corbin, is of issues that have great implications for national security and the safety of the citizens of Guyana.According to Alliance For Change Leader, Raphael Trotman, the dossier is already making an impact in the society. He related that a meeting is expected to be held shortly with the United States State Department as the document has already been placed in the possession of officials there.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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