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Alles im Zusammenhang mit Heiraten in Mauritius und Fernbeziehungen.

Nike Air Max 97 Buy Minister of Transport

Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » So Feb 11, 2018 17:27

Situation dire in Region 9…-$50M released for relief worksBy Leonard GildarieResidents and authorities alike are praying for a cessation of rains in Lethem as flood waters dropped slightly over the last 48 hours, but losses are continuing to mount in that Region Nine area.An estimated 100 farms in Aishalton, a village 120 miles from Lethem, are under threat and isolated, and residents are desperately scrambling to save cassava and corn crops, in particular.President Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday announced that $50M will be released for relief to the stricken region.Sand Creek,Nike Air Max 98 Tour Yellow, another community further along in South Central Rupununi,Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Shoes, is said to be the hardest hit from the flood waters. Over 1,600 farms are flooded, government reports say.Several plane loads of food supplies from government have been ferried in to Region Nine since Monday. WASHED AWAYSeveral sections of the Linden/Lethem road are still under water with reports coming in that bridges and approaches have been significantly damaged, forcing authorities to admit yesterday that it may take awhile before repairs could be effected and traffic resume.Yesterday, a number of government officials including Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, Minister of Transport, Robeson Benn, and General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Donald Ramotar, were in the region to assess the situation as emergency workers continue to fan out across the communities.The Red Cross and several volunteer groups were also ferrying water to stricken residents at emergency shelters which now house almost 300 persons. The army has also been helping. The Civil Defence Commission and the Private Sector Commission are also involved.According to Minister Benn, who has been in the area since Sunday, while the Lethem Power Company has fuel to last over a week, seven trucks are stuck on the Linden/Lethem Road and regional authorities are now moving to shuttle the supplies across.LARGE SWATHSOverhead flights of the trail yesterday showed huge swaths under water, with engineers reporting at least four to five feet of water in some sections. At least three bridges are said to have been washed away, with Aishalton, in the Deep South Rupununi, totally cut off.There were no immediate indications of diseases outbreak or water-borne illness (see related story on page 13).A total of nine homes are said to have collapsed…three in Katuur in South Central Rupununi and six in Pai Pang, North Rupununi.Yesterday, residents asked for storage and water purification tablets. Several farms, including ones run by schools and families, are under imminent threat with residents scrambling to convert the cassava to farine. Every minute“Every minute, every hour that goes by is worse for us,” one resident said.Shops also reported that supplies are running low, with the road to Lethem impassable.Residents were assured that more supplies would be flown in as early as today.Minister Persaud took the opportunity to caution residents that climate change will continue to play havoc with farmers. He said that new ways will have to be found to do farming,Authentic NHL Jerseys, citing the experimental Moco Moco project, which recently saw rice being harvested,Cheap Nike Air Max Plus, the same rice which will be used to ensure that food supplies remain stable for the region during the period.At the Culvert City Nursery School, 29 persons whose homes were flooded are being given meals and a place to sleep. At the Arapaima School, another shelter has been set up with almost 80 residents, mainly Amerindians, being taken care of.Today, the army’s Bell 206 helicopter is being sent in to the region to assist with the emergency works.Officials are blaming the flood waters on heavy rains in the past few weeks in Northern Brazil, especially in the State of Roraima, which caused the banks for the Rio Branco, Rio Negro, Takutu and Ireng Rivers to overtop.Almost 60% of Lethem is flooded, reports said. The Rio Branco River on the neighbouring Brazil side is said to be about 30 feet over its high-level mark, a worrying fact. Already, Brazil is moving to declare an emergency in the State of Roraima.BLACKOUTS, WATEROver on the Guyana side, Region Nine’s Regional Executive Officer, Ronald Harsawack, said that officers have been pulled back from other duties and are working with affected farmers and residents.An emergency centre and several smaller offices have been established in a few areas also.Between Monday and Tuesday,Air Max 97 For Sale, there was approximately six inches of rainfall, and reports are that levels are rising significantly in some sections.Contractors are working on a damaged section between Kurupukari and Annai, with three kilometres of roads at the Hunt Oil stretch of the Linden/Lethem Road under water.Four bridges along the Annai/Lethem strip are said to be damaged while further in the deep South area, approaches to two structures at Araqui and Kabanawau have collapsed. A deck of the Najah Bridge has also been washed away.While the Lethem runway is operational, the apron is under water. The Sand Creek runway, which is flooded, is out of operation. Several government buildings including the Amerindian Hostel and the Nurses Hostel have been converted to shelters.Residents continued yesterday to experience blackouts, with the station still under four feet of water. St Ignatius is reportedly still without power.Regarding water, Minister Benn disclosed that half of Lethem has been restored with supplies. Culvert City is without potable water. However, supplies are being trucked in to this area.Over 500 head of cattle were moved to higher ground. There were no animal deaths reported.The schools in the area remained closed, but this newspaper understands arrangements have been made for students writing CXC. And police ranks have been equipped with suitable bikes to monitor homes that have been abandoned.

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