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Rare ex-vulcano mountains

Mauritius Trois Mamelles and Montagne du Rempart, Mauritius
Trois Mamelles and Montag...

Mauritius Pieter Both, Mauritius
Pieter Both, Mauritius

Mauritius Rare ex-vulcano mountains
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Rare ex-vulcano mountains
Mi Aug 10, 2005 15:34


The strange and rare landscape of death vulcanos matches perfect with the extinct dodo. How would Mauritius have looked like when both where still alive! Overgrown with exotic trees and plants, blue lagoons, happy dolphins, fire spitting mountains, flapping fruit bats, elegant flying paille-en-queues and waggling dodos. This is paradise!! (Picture taken between July 10 and July 29, 2005. Temperature at time of picture: 23C)


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