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Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Di Sep 19, 2017 4:45

Hundreds of residents in Mahdia,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Region Eight,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, have been without potable water supply for almost a year as a result of foliage in the Salbora Water Project.A gravity flow system from Salbora Creek, Eagle Mountain above the Mahdia Plateau, is the main source of water for that mining community.“When the water flows from the creek, it flows into a reservoir and there are pipes connected to the reservoir, so when the water flows into the reservoir it flows through the pipes and that is where people get water from,” a member of the Regional Democratic Council, Mohamed Gafoor explained.The gravity-flow water system at Mahdia that residents are complaining bitterly about.He added that although the government has been spending continuously to repair the system,Cheap Jerseys Supply, the residents have been without water for quite some time and are required to pay $6000 for 50 gallons of water from private persons who have their own reservoir.Gafoor blamed workers’ incompetence for Mahdia not getting water. “Every time you see them, they always sleeping or eating and they are not doing anything. The other day the central government gave the REO (Regional Executive Officer) $2M to repair it and still we can’t get water.”According to Gafoor, the problem stems from the creek. He explained that trees and other particle have fallen into the creek and have clogged up the pipelines. ““This is a yearly problem and they are not doing proper work to rectify the problem. Since the first time this thing happen, I told them to put a strainer on the reservoir so that when the water comes down from the creek,Cheap Jeseys NFL, it will be strained before it goes into the pipe lines so we would not suffer for water.”Regional Chairman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Mark Crawford,Jerseys From China, when contacted said that the village is indeed facing a water situation. He stressed that while rehabilitation work is currently going on residents have two options of getting water.Crawford listed the rain as one means and the other alternative is for them to purchase water.Kaieteur News managed to talk with one of the residents who described the water situation in Mahdia as critical. “When we purchase the water, we have to use it to bathe, cook, clean and drink. How long will that water last?”Kaieteur News understands that the residents in Mahdia have been facing this problem for quite a while.

moris forum membre a'élite
moris forum membre a'élite
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