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Cheap Jerseys China Providence East Bank Demerara

Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Sa Dez 16, 2017 12:24

By Rabindra RooplallHundreds were left stranded along East Bank Demerara (EBD) and in the city after route 42 minibuses (Georgetown to Timheri) converged at the empty lot next to the National Stadium, Providence East Bank Demerara, to strike for a fare increase yesterday morning.The majority of the buses on strike were working from Georgetown to Grove, East Bank Demerara, while there were some from Timehri. At the venue yesterday there were approximately 200 minibuses parked on the empty lot next to the national Stadium.However, after meeting with Minister of Tourism, Manniram Prashad, at his South Road office yesterday, the Route 42 minibus operators decided to return to work and are back on the road, while a compromise was met to not increase the minibus fares.But last night scores of commuters were stranded at the respective bus parks. Few buses were on the roads. The minibus operators were not true to the promise to the Minister.Drivers and conductors collectively agreed that short drop operators were asking for $20 while those travelling to Timheri are requesting $40 respectively, since the gasoline prices have increased, spare parts along with cost of living.Recently the route 45 and route 46 buses raised their fares from $60 to $80 since the United Minibus Union (UMU) under which they represented implemented their new fare structures.Businessman Peter Ramsaroop,China Jerseys Cheap, who is also the head of the Guyana People’s Partnership, and who was present at the strike yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys, said that gasoline prices will go up another 20 per cent next month while cost of living is also escalating since the implementation of the 16%  Value Added Tax (VAT) which has been an additional burden on the consumers in Guyana.He said that when the government takes $54 out of every taxable $100 the consumers in the country will face the burn,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, while rates and taxes in every sector will place additional burden on commuters and persons who offer their services for a fee.“The government can’t say don’t raise fare or tell a passenger don’t pay. It has to be a comprehensive system; they are running this country like a cowboy. It has to be that we look at the entire system, reduce VAT to eight per cent or 10 per cent, and reduce the gasoline tax to three per cent  then we will have more money in our pocket so persons can afford to pay the $20 more,” Ramsaroop asserted.Ramsaroop said that the Ministers don’t have to go to the gas stations to fill up their tanks and it appears as if they are unaware of the situations that are affecting the people. “The government needs to take some of the money and put it back in the people’s pockets so they can live.”Conductors agreed that persons who have to work “target buses” have it hard on the road since they have to make sacrifices on their own pockets to ensure that the owner of the bus gets his share. “And on the other hand the police always stressing you out unnecessarily for bribes on the road. What are we working for to full the owners pocket and the police pocket too? I feel the police more rich than them Ministers!”One minibus owner said that he has five children and has to pay rent, and the situation is compounded by the cost of living, price of spare parts, and gasoline. “People saying that the Government isn’t raising their salary and dem ain’t paying, but is everybody feeling it. Minibus owners got to face wear and tear of the bus and we feeling the pressure too.”It was also noted that the 42 zone did not receive a raise of fare because last year when there was a meeting with the Minister of Commerce,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Maniram Prashad, with minibus organizations, there was no representative for the Georgetown to Timheri zone at the meeting.President of the United Minibus Union (UMU), Eon Andrews, who was also present yesterday said that the route 42 minibus should join the union he represents, so there can be a collective bargaining agreement.“The strike will continue until we get the increase,Cheap NFL Jerseys, because the Minister said that as long as the gas price goes over a $1,000 we will get an increase,Cheap Jerseys, and it gone over and we want that increase.”Government last month slashed the excise tax on gasoline to 20 per cent as world prices on fuel continue to climb, while the tax on diesel from 20 per cent to 15 per cent. At present some gas stations are selling a gallon of gasoline for $1,040.According to Minister Prashad the Ministry and the recognized minibus associations have agreed that the fares would not increase unless the price of gasoline goes beyond a $1,000 per gallon. Minister Prashad over these few weeks have met with the recognised Minibus Associations including President of the General Minibus Association, Mr. Mr. Lylon Withers; President of the Guyana Public Transportation Association, Mr. Vibert Bell; and President of the Route 32 Minibus Association, Mr. James Cowsil, who all assured that they have not endorsed any increase in fares.Minister Prashad will be meeting with the group of bus operators shortly to continue the discussions.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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