Supermarkets and Food Delivery

UPDATE (31/03/2020): Supermarkets and shops will reopen on 2 April 2020. This was announced by the Prime Minister, Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, during a press conference held on 30 March 2020.

Reopening of Supermarkets and Superettes

Update: 29 March 2020


MEMO on Control access to shops with Social Distancing during opening of supermarkets and superettes post curfew COVID 19

The objective to limit the number of shoppers to be mobile on the road on a daily basis and in shops. This will reduce risk of contamination of COVID-19.

We propose to use controlled access based on the principle of alphabetical categorisation and using the NIC as the unique identifier.

OUTLET Management

We have 221 outlets categorised as Hypermarkets/Supermarkets and superettes of which 95 are Hypermarkets and supermarkets with 80% of retail traffic.

Based on statistical analysis of consumer database provided by the Ministry of Commerce we have defined three batches of roughly equal number of consumers as follows:

  • A-F
  • G-N
  • O-Z

We recommend that the opening Time is 09-00- 17-00 Monday to Saturday to allow two shopping days per week per customer.

  • A-F (Monday and Thursday)
  • G-N (Tuesday and Friday)
  • O-Z (Wednesday and Saturday)


Each Outlet will define the optimum number of customers allowed at any one time based on side and number of till respecting reasonable social distancing. Once the optimum has been reached, new customers will be allowed in based on numbers leaving the shops.


Limited range of products, all fresh products, pre packed, pre weighed (no loose veg and fruit available). All frozen food and all meat in barquette

  • Single traffic flow / one way system
  • Shopping time limitation 30 mins maximum per customer
  • Bread: pre-packed, limited range


All caddis will be cleaned before each use, at delivery to customer.

Customers will be advised to wear masks and shall hand sanitize with gel at entry


All staff shall wear protective equipment and have regular hand sanitisation

Tills will have extra Perspex barriers, and, in some case, only alternate tills will be open to ensure social distance.


  • One customer per car
  • No children allowed
  • One person per trolley, preferably baskets will not be used.
  • Only those with NIC will be allowed. It will be screened at the entry of the carpark and thereafter at the entrance of the shop. Customers shall present their NIC to the varioussecurity points on the shop premise.
  • Those without NIC or coming on the unallocated days will be refused access to the premises and the shops.
  • Shops will require additional police/SMF support to control access and enforce crowd discipline.
  • Shops will demark queuing lines by way of floor marking and appropriate partitioning.
  • Shops will also demark distance inside the shops. Customers shall adhere to these markings.
  • A detail plan by outlet to determine adequate crowd-control measures and security will be discussed and implemented.
  • A committee comprise Retailers, Ministry of Commerce, Police/SMF to coordinate the above process. MCCI will coordinate to ensure all operators are fully involved in the preparation of the detailed plan and are fully briefed to ensure proper execution.


Food Delivery


Following the complete lockdown of supermarkets and bakeries to avoid the propagation of COVID-19 amongst the Mauritian Population, MCCI held meetings in close collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce and Consumer Protection for the distribution of essential goods. Below is the list of shops that will deliver groceries:


Help from other Businesses

In various regions, members of the population are helping each other out by offering foodstuffs and other products. Below are a few other businesses offering home delivery


Copain is delivering bread in some regions around the island. Information is provided every day about where their vans will be.

Other businesses offering home delivery:


Tel 5908 2765
Email –


Tel: 52572453

Votre Pote Agé

Tel: 697 2190

Hello ! We are working with our current stock. In case some products are not available, we will have to replace them by other products of the same value. Please find below the alternative basket which we will be delivering in this case.

Alternative standard ready-made rs2500 baskets will include:

1 kg pomme de terre
1 kg oignon
1 bqt giraumon coupé
1 bqt carotte coupé or mix with choux blanc
1 bqt choux blanc mixed with choux rouge coupé
1 bqt légumes chopsuey
1 bqt margoze coupé
1bqt légumes soupe
1 bqt mixed fruit or 1 pc ananas
1 bqt voem
1bqt piment curry
2pcs ail
2pcs gingembre
1pc poivron rouge
1pc poivron jaune
1pc poivron vert
1bqt lalo
1 sachet laitue
1 bqt poireau
1 pkt cotomili
1 pkt menthe
1 pkt persil
2kg tomate
2kg orange
500g citron mix
2 pcs grapefruit
500g mandarine
1 bqt raisin rouge seedless
500g fruit de la passion
1pc melon honey dew
1kg (pêche/ prune/ nectarine/kiwi) mix
1kg pomme rouge et pomme vert
2kg melon d’eau

For those who wish to place an order now AND those who have previously ordered on our website and have not received any confirmations on Facebook , kindly dm us your order via Facebook in this format only:
-exact address
-2phone numbers
-Number of baskets
We shall take your order and process it here itself.

Please note that the more simplified the message, the faster you will receive your products.

Those who wish to cancel their previous order, please dm us : cancel order for xxx (add your name).

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Stay safe.