Mauritius Souvenirs

Souvenirs Mauritius


Coming back from a holiday without a souvenir? Impossible! It’s like you have not been there…

But for sure not anything; it should be something very typical. So, what could you bring from Mauritius? Once here you will see it everywhere you go. Although it’s dead, it looks to you from every corner: the dodo.

There is nothing more typical for Mauritius than this extinguished bird: on T-shirts, in wood, in metal… in every size and every color! You can not miss it.



Are you interested in boats? There are a couple of ship-model factories in Mauritius (one of the best ones: historic marine in Goodlands). See how they work, visit the factory and choose the right model in the show-rooms. All ships in wood are handmade and created after original plans. They pack the boats pretty good for the journey home, but sometimes the airline is charging you excess-luggage. Your purse is a little larger? Buy duty-free gold or diamonds in one of the shops in Floreal, Port Louis or Grand Bay. So why not a little dodo in gold?

With a smaller wallet you can still think about a good bottle of local rum…

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